Early Access Schedule

There’s a new Dev Blog up today with more information on Early Access, the schedule, how it will work, etc. Check it out and let us know if you have questions. Thanks!


So if i choose the Oculus Store key, then my account will be pernamently linked to my Oculus ID? I am asking because when i will buy another headset on different platform and buy OrbusVR there (on Steam) i will can not log in into the old account?

You can link up to one Oculus account and one Steam account to your Orbus account. So if you get the Oculus key now, and then buy it again on Steam, you would be able to log into it from either store. Obviously I don’t think that’s going to be super common but there shouldn’t be any problem with it.

However, I think it’s worth noting that my recommendation is that you just get a Steam key now. The version on Steam is the same as the one you are already playing on, and includes both the Oculus SDK and the OpenVR SDK. So if you are using an Oculus device then it will just use the Oculus SDK even though it’s on the Steam store.

The Oculus Store version however will only include the Oculus SDK (that’s their requirement), so getting it on there will lock you into that platform and you would need to re-buy it on Steam again if you want to use it with a OpenVR/SteamVR headset in the future.


Not sure how this will affect player turn out, but early start is releasing the day after Fallout 4 VR hits steam.

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Yeah, there’s a lot of stuff coming out this time of year, no way around conflicting with something…

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