Easier gear breakdown

Add an option to multi select gear to break stuff down easier or and option to auto break down green rarity gear.
Also an option to instead of open caches break them down.


Yes to absolutely all of this.

It is in my muscle memory now to quickly snap between Item>Trash>Confirm>Item>Trash>Confirm

God forbid I decide to do over-leveling that day. I’ll be sitting for 5-8 minute straight deleting garbage I will never need from just turning in a small chunk of a vendors missions. It’s overly time consuming and extremely annoying.

Honestly, it’s the only reason I haven’t committed to over-leveling in the first place.


Now that i think about it maybe have a settings toggle that just doesnt give caches. because it is a major storage issue for my lazy self.

Sounds good on paper, but I already know many new players would find the option and end up turning it on for… whatever reason. Just leading to more needlessly confused players.

I mean, we already have the option to break things down. It just needs to be applied to caches now.

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