Editing comments bumps threads

I’m critical to my spelling errors and such x3 Why does it bump my thread when I fix a grammar error. I don’t mean to bump threads xD Makes me look like an ass because I’m bumping my own threads.

You should post this on the discourse forums (the forum software used), not here, taking a quick look at existing threads about it, there is no setting so the ones using/running it can do nothing about it.
I also edit my posts, frequently, for the same reason btw, but I also add clarifications which come to my mind later.
However it’s unlikely people do it wayyy later - if even possible - and if it’s a substantial edit, the bumping got the big advantage of people noticing this edit who already read the old post.
(Mixed opinions about it, 2-3y ago and talk of possible settings, don’t think anything changed since then: https://meta.discourse.org/t/minor-editing-should-not-bump-the-topic/18840/26 )

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