Effect of tile sets on armor

I have been reading up on tile sets and have seen in the material that sets can be applied to armor. Can anyone go into what the effects are and how to determine what combinations to use?

Totally new to this.

Tiles are basically custom enchantments that activate and give you bonus damage/healing when you do what the tiles are telling you to do. Different tiles have different meanings, and essentially you put them together in patterns that reflect your rotations.

Two videos for you: A breakdown of what tiles are and how they work:https://youtu.be/NT9NLURDeC0 , and a video about understanding the tiles OrbusVR: How to read runes (tiles) - YouTube

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Thank you for the info.

If you are confused about which tiles do what and you want a custom recommendation you can also use a Runesight Potion. It will tell you which runes it thinks would be best for your playstyle… just make sure you have someone around who knows how to read the info the potion gives you.

Well… I am just wondering how the whole thing works. I have someone who does Artificing and has used the position to see what works on my weapon. I have a set for that. I saw that tile sets can be applied to armor and was confused on how to determine the proper set. Is it a similar process as with a weapon?

The process of applying the tileset to armor is exactly the same as that of applying it to a weapon.
The armor or weapon it is applied to makes no difference at all to the functionality of the tiles.
If you meet the requisite action-set the tileset will proc regardless of which item you applied it to.

Do the effects stack? As in if a wepon and an armor item have the same tile set, will the effect be compounded? Or do you apply a different tile set that activates under different conditions?

If you use identical tiles on 2 or more armor/weapon items you will get no benefit as it will still only count as a single proc. The idea is to keep 3 tilesets proc’d at all times. You will know if you have proc’d by looking for a white and red circular burst shape to appear as a buff on your weapon. You will still see the procs popcorning in pink runic symbols in the lower portion of your screen even if you have 3 proc’s activated, but can’t benefit from more than 3 procs, because the max is 3.

That is how I understand it, but I am no expert.

Ok. So my understanding is if you put your first set of attacks on one set of tiles and up to two subsequent sets on other gear, each set activates as you mount your next two attack sequences.

Is there a cooldown before restarting the three attack sequences?

You can put a set on each piece of gear and your weapon, so 5 sets total.
The proc activates as soon as you perform the actions defined by the runes.
If you dilute those requisite actions by doing something in between them you will activate a weaker proc.
You can have 3 active proc icons empowering you on your bar at one time.
There is no cooldown to activate a proc. If you activate a proc while 3 sets are proc’ing it will refresh the oldest proc icon currently active on your bar.

You need a target to proc on so make sure you are hitting something.

It’s not necessarily even attack sequences, just actions.

For instance, let’s say your rotation is fireball, frost, Affliction, fireball, frost Affliction etc.

You could have one tileset that goes “fireball frost Affliction”, then a “frost Affliction fireball” and a “Affliction fireball frost” set. If you complete the required actions in sequence they’ll proc.

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Awesome. Thank you for clearing that up.

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