Elemental Affinity Magical Defense Debuff Personal?



I have been experimenting with the Elemental Affinity talent, mainly:
“Shadow spells decrease the Magical Defense of your target by 10% for 5 seconds.”
This debuff shows up for everyone, but from what I can tell, it doesn’t appear to boost the damage of other players’ spells/abilities. Unless dummies do not have magical defense, so the debuff is ineffective against them? Is there an official word on how this is supposed to work, and if it is working as intended? Has anyone else tested it?


note: we tested it and did not see any change. @Riley_D


Yeah, Elemental Affinity needs some love, debuff from affliction doesn’t feel like it’s working, and the buff from fire spells can’t really be used the way it is right now. The buff from frost spells works fine tho


Yeah I don’t think all enemies in the game have a Magical Defense to lower. So it might be that it needs to be re-worked.


So a couple questions on this because of boss 5 in the raid. Does the buff on him reduce incoming of the damage type or does it increase the bosses defensive stat. And if the latter applies does the way affinity currently works in the game go towards the base amount of defense stat or would it apply to the overall defense after it has been buffed? @Riley_D


Bump, Any chance we can get an answer to this?


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