Elevator sound needs adjustment

Hey devs. Before talking about the elevator. Still want to say that the player House update was pretty great :slight_smile: (big dummy :partying_face: )

Is it possible for the elevator sound to be brought alot lower? The sound is way higher then anything else and sadly even hurts the ears.


A way to disable it would be nice too. Its way too loud atm and i would prefer just not having it personally

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A few other things that I think should have a lower sound is the airship dock wind, the smelter thing near the the infusion specialist, and I’m pretty sure i remember the fountain in highsteppe being to loud too


There is a way to disable it turn off your ambiance sound

But the bubbling cauldron, the townspeople talking, the blacksmith!


We’ll lower the elevator sound for the next update and I’ll take a look at the other ones mentioned.