Elite marksman skav


The fireballs from these guys seem to be unavoidable and every one is a 1 shot. Is there a mechanic we don’t understand or is this a mistake by the devs? If there is not they are currently impossible to kill in a level 11 shard.

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It’s crazy. No way I could keep them up from that damage.


not to mention that golden egg junk

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they were 3 hitting on a non-shard as a bard, its going to be a painful one on a shard dungeon


I swapped to my Musk as the healing is way better and even then it was just wrecking house.


those marksman scavs with the wands are unbelievable
anyway @Tman about the golden egg, the solution is to not drop the baby


You can dodge them sometimes when you jump, towards slightly left to the mage caster, while the fireball is flying towards you, so ya almost impossible. You can not dodge the affliction which is hurting. I’ve not tried it on a new Shardlvl but I fully agree that is a pain in the butt

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We figured out the mechanics with the egg, it’s still garbage.

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On t10s I have always been able to dodge them. You can’t just jump once though, you have to keep running until it despawns. Is it different in the new dungeons / shards?


No it is just a lot more mages. Instead of having 1 mage, there is now a mage in half the groups. And most of them are elites instead of normal mages. or multi mages. While also having normal and elite melee mobs added as part for the mage groups.

I really don’t have an opinion on it yet because I only experienced it non-sharded and was (still am) hopeful to find a good trick to dodge them reliably and easy.


You can’t dodge the affliction they do and that is what was murdering the group. For a group in all +5 and currently holds the shard records in +10s I expected us to at least make it to the first boss. Not get stopped dead in our tracks on the first group. And we could have probably beat our head against a wall and got past it, but there is NO chance you would finish on time.

@Robert Any comment on this? Not going to bother trying more shards in this state.


You can’t dodge the affliction because:
A) you can interrupt it before it hit.
B) decurse it before it kills

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Haha, that decurse is not getting to you in time, trust me.


So a 1 tick kill? Interesting.

Also complaints on difficulty were on the fireballs, not the afflictions, I am confused…


We’re taking a look at this, clearly they’re overtuned. Thanks for letting us know.


Not sure if this would work for difficult to dodge but what I do is I just stand behind them and run in circles while they are out (I’m always the tank :roll_eyes:) and it dodges them