Elysium Recruitment

Welcome to Elysium

We are an end game guild, dedicated to world firsts and breaking records.
We are currently a top guild in OrbusVR.

Current OrbusVR Achievements:

  • Current highest PVE Score
  • Current highest Raid Score
  • Fastest clear time on most Hardmode Raid bosses
  • First Shard 15 completed
  • First Shard 15 completed in under 15 minutes
  • First 3 +6 weapons
  • First perfect +6 weapon
  • Current fastest shard clear time in most dungeons.

We are looking for players that can adapt to any situation, know their class well and can play in a laid back, have fun but get things done environment.

Join our Discord at:


You forgot top raid score on first full attempt in hard mode :stuck_out_tongue: