Encompass - Official Recruitment Thread



Hello from Encompass! The happiest fellowship in all of Täella-Oso.

What is Encompass?
Encompass strives to encompass every aspect of the game beautifully and professionally; to become recognized within the community as a positive influence. Encompass in the long term will have different ‘groups’ underneath it to satisfy your individual interests.

Who are you looking for?
We’re looking for dedicated players who are passionate about building out a well respected and successful fellowship. Encompass members should strive to be:

  • Empathetic
  • Loyal
  • Passionate
  • Honest
  • Kind
  • Engaging
  • Creative
  • Good Listeners
  • Responsible
  • Good Leaders

We need a good number of players in order to support our future plans. Encompass is ran like a business, and needs the infrastructure to support such an endeavor.

What do I get out of being in Encompass?
First off, you get paid. No, seriously! We pay all participating members with Dram. Secondly, you get a tight-knit community of new friends to quest, loot, and play the economy with. Finally, you get access to our Knowledgebase, which we’re still working on building out.

Okay, but what timezone are you in?
All 3 board members are in Central Standard Time (Chicago). The rest of our current members are +/- 2 hours.

Do you have a website?
Yes! We do, but it’s still lacking in content, as we are still in the early stages of our fellowship.

How do I apply?
On our website, here:

What are your application requirements?
We have no minimum level/class requirements. Our only requirements are that you strive to meet our code of conduct (see: “Who are you looking for?”).

What happens if my application is accepted?
If your application has been accepted, we will contact you via email with our discord link and more details. Then, you will be subject to an “interview process”, which in reality just means tagging along and playing Orbus with us. This is important for compatibility reasons. If you’re accepted then, you will be a “probationary” member for 30 days (limited website access). If we haven’t scared you off then, you’ll be a full-blown Encompass member. :slight_smile:

What is Encompass currently up to?
Currently, we are:

  • Actively trying to lower the pricing of many items, manipulating the economy to become more affordable to less-wealthy players.
  • Establishing our rewards program (Dram/Participation)
  • Recruiting of more players in order to start weekly raids, help maintain our market stall inventory, and to help us flesh out our Knowledgebase. (you are here!)


Timezone “central” is central USA?


Yep! CST (Chicago). I’ll edit our post to clarify.


This looks great, but the timezone screws me lol.

It’s almost 4 am at your location while it’s almost 11 am where i am :joy:


Ah, that sucks. We’ll try to think of some ways to keep that in mind for future plans :slight_smile:


This actually sounds pretty interesting. My time zone too. Needing a first and last name is a bit odd but I suppose people have their quirks.


Always nice to see a new Fellowship spinning up!


Consider me applied. See you guys in game.


That was my bad, First and Last name wasn’t supposed to be there. They’ve since been removed.


Applications accepted 2/22/18 @ 11:00PM:

  • NeonKnight
  • silentaitch
  • Mammon
  • MisterMax

All of you have been sent an email with further instructions :smiley:


Thanks! Looking forward to the interview!


I’m interested. In game name is Kaese.

Currently a lv6 hunter and lv6 rune mage. Just started a week or so ago, so I’m relatively new to the game. But I like to think I have things pretty well figured out!


Feel free to apply, we don’t have a minimum level requirement :slight_smile:


I am evidence of that. Got myself recruited at lvl8.


I was attempting to apply on the site, however it is giving me “[contact-form-7 id=”75″ title=”Untitled”]”. If recruiting is still going on I’d love to apply.


When I submit my application form I got a message confirming my application, however I also got a notification saying that it timed out. Can you confirm that it went through?