End of the Year Development Update

We’ve got a new post up on the blog looking back at 2016, and ahead to 2017. If you’d like to comment or ask questions, please do so here!

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Sounds great!

That is a fast roadmap (to my un-informed eyes), but given the consistent work you have already demonstrated, I think you are well on your way.

I love that you are intentionally working towards a tutorial. I think that is very valuable.

Thanks for your hard work and investment man. You are building something wonderful.

Honestly, when I first sat down to make the roadmap, I found myself giving lots of buffer time…I ended up with Early Access not even starting until like Q1 2018. And the thought of it being over a year between now and when people are actually playing the game just seemed crazy to me.

I think it’s better to commit to an aggressive schedule, and then identify areas where we can add things in later. So for example, maybe the game only launches with 2 or 3 Crafting classes instead of 4 or 5. But then we can add those classes in a later patch.

So I guess we’ll see how it goes! :slight_smile:

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Aiming for EA by the end of Q3 2017?! I thought it was going to go EA in 2018, but that’s awesome! I’ll be able to get to play more, and I can’t wait. New inventory system looks gr8 too. Are you able to change your main hand you hold the weapon in, depending on where you equip it?

NICE! it looks cool how you decide your class based on what weapon you have equipped. Also, are you going to make a skill system, like alchemy skill, archery skill, accuracy, magic? cause that would kinda balance it out, like level would be health and other things, and your skill level would determine how well the weapon, or crafting item works. Like, the more you use an item, the more your skill level would go up for it. Just a suggestion, but i can’t wait for Orbus Vr to come out! keep up the good work! :slight_smile:

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Amazing roadmap! Really looking forward for a way to contribute! You got this, can’t wait to see the progression of the game.

Is there any way to volunteer help towards the game development? I’m looking to either contribute to an existing VR game or build my own.

We’re not currently looking to expand the team right this minute, but keep an eye open as I think sometime in the next two or three months we’ll be looking to add a team member.

Looks like its going to be a good time!