Endgame Fun, Join Nova


Nova is looking for strong players for shard dungeons and upcoming Hard Mode raids. We have all ready cleared all 10 levels of the shard dungeons and all 5 Raid Bosses. We are a really chill group, join our discord and make yourself known. Celebration of Taco Tuesdays is highly encouraged.
We play everyday startng from 4 pm PST until midnight or a little later. If you want to join up, joined the discord and PM Rejinx or another Nova member.




Awesome fellowship with lovely people :slight_smile:


Thanks Rockabella!!

I am loving this group. Its so much fun. Watch one of our streams or drop in on our discord. We laugh and joke most of the time. You may even be unlucky enough to catch a duet or two before we grant mercy and turn on pancake (our discord music bot). We are organized but not militant. We are all leaders and have no official leaders. We learn each others strengths and carry each other through our weaknesses.
We are competitive but not Egotistical . We run high level shards and world bosses and do not worry about bragging about it. I may brag about our members :wink:
We do not play favorites. If you are part of Nova and you want to run, you run. These guys had me full geared by the time I hit lv 17. My introduction to mist-keeper was via a lv 7 shard because members > shards.
If you want to be a leader in a group of friends who know what they are doing and enjoy doing it, you may be a star. Come and check out Nova.
Ps. Wait until you see our guild dragons!


So what all do fellowships do together? It all seems like a lot of fun, but I’ve never known how to go about finding one.


Fellowships are just groups of players that play together and hangout together. The harder content in the game is much easier to run if you are grouped with players who know the same startagies and have played together a few times. Plus it is nice to have friends in the game to play with everyday.
Even when I am not running dungeons our fellowship is uselly in a group voice chat together either joking around or helping each other out.


Well, I have no experience in share dungeons since I have no main groups to play with, but this sounds like a lot of fun. What all does it take to join up? Or is that something discussed on the discord channel?


Yeah, follow the discord link and you can talk to us there also you can message me here if you have any questions about using discord. I know I was new to discord only 4 or 5 months ago.

You made me realize I need to add a little info to the main post, like the times we play, but yeah come to Nova’s discord, we are friendly and can help you figure out any questions you have about the game.


Nova is a cool fellowship, and are willing to play with other fellowships. Would recommend.


Thanks for the kind words Drago!


Fellowship dragons


People in Nova are really cool! :sunglasses:


Right there with you crazie :heart:


Awwwwe guys <3 . Yall are amazing!


Preciate it guys :sunny:


Congrats everyone in Nova for beating all 5 raid bosses and moving up to 2nd on the raid leaderboard.


Great job guys! Well done! :grin:


Very impressive, Glad to see another good guild clear all 5 bosses!


Grats on the kills Nova :slight_smile:


Good job Nova! Keep it up


Awesome job nova didn’t doubt you guys for a second !