EQ veteran looking for adult fellowship

Yeah I’m old, my first MMORPG was 1999, I was addicted to Evercrack. Played a wizzy/necro to end game on Sullon Zek, the cut throat, no rules PVP server.

Looking for a group of older, mature players, with the patience to teach an aging caster some new tricks.

Like most adults with a job, I play in the evenings when I can. Find me in game under the name Faelar, almost level 30 mage.

Hi. Could you specify your timezone and how long a day you are normally able to play? That might help with finding the right fellowship.

CST usually between 7pm to 9pm, sometimes later to 10pm, most nights. Sometimes on weekend. I can make time for scheduled events at least 50% of the time.

For an idea of time commitment to date, I’ve played 74 hours total since May 20th. I have a level 29 mage and 11 warrior.

Hi, Faelar, I’m Aelar :smiley:

Carnage is a predominantly US/Canada endgame guild with open PvP if that’s what you’re interested in (given your history). We typically run 8:00PM-2/3AM CST during the week and weekends are from my experience a little more populated as expected.


need more name with lar ending :joy:

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Monday Knights usually raids Mondays and Fridays 7-10 and get together on weekends and such. We’re a mostly- working adult guild.

Faelar mit be the next greater mage from brother aelar

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You may want to check out Nova. We play at your times are all adults (save for the child god Sift ;)) and have some of the best mages in the game. We have one mage who is a great teacher and loves to share his shortcuts.
You are very welcome to hop in our open coms and chat with us.

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In regards to this, each of the endgame guilds (Alphabet, Carnage, Nova, Laughing Coffin, etc.) have their own top percentile mages that I’m sure are willing to help you out, myself included.

@Elk was my mentor back when Eternal Knights was a thing and continues to help out new and old mages alike with their casting. He is from the Wanderers, a more casual US guild if that’s your speed at the moment.

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Alphabet rep here!

Yeah would be glad to get you up to speed with mage casting etc. Generally our team are mostly MMO vets ranging from 18 all the way up to 40ish years old. Feel free to come hang out with us on discord etc.


Thanks J11, I got the invite. I’ll have my kids teach me how to use discord lol…

Not going to be online much longer today though, so maybe tomorrow.