[EU] Rebels - Recruitment

Well I used discord already, and will again if needed, only saying I don’t like it:)

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Ill give this Thread a tiny “Boop” <3

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Bump. An update on current guild status:

  • Interim Leader of Rebels is currently me, pm me on discord or forums if you want to join (or if you pm Shazul, he’s gonna forward it)
  • Our prime playing/meeting time is 7pm (Berlin Timezone) since a while
  • Shard days are currently Tuesday and Friday
  • Which does not mean we do no shards on other days, this depends on people being online; you should be open to play with random players and those of other guilds since we invite those to fill up empty spots

Reposting fresh Discord Link (the other should also still work):

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Bump. An update on Guild Status in Reborn:

Rebels is an EU-guild focused on the endgame.

  • Pm me or Shazul on discord (see link above) or forums if you want to join
  • Our prime playing/meeting time is 7pm (Berlin Timezone)

We plan to level up quickly, help each other with group quests, then go for dungeons asap. If you are 18+ and able to play regularly - daily play not required, but like few times a week - in EU-timezone, feel free to join!

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An update for this, currently we need especially dmg dealers (active in EU timezone, at evenings) to go for shards.

Just to make sure everyone who is looking for a guild will at least know about us:

The most important informations about Rebels are:

  • We play in EU timezone (CET)
  • We are a PVE fellowship, focusing on dungeons and the raids later on
  • We accept that everyone has a real life and we don’t set requirements on time spent online, however we want to reach the high-end at some point. So if you join Rebels please do sign up for our dungeon evenings and be present whenever you can!
  • Our daily dungeon evenings start at 7pm CET (Berlin Time) and end after 2-3 hours
  • We are organizing the guild via discord. When you are part of a dungeon/raid party you need to be on discord to communicate with the party:
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Bumping this up a bit!

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Hey. I appreciate this post is nearly 3 years old, but is your fellowship still active?

I’m a level 30 Ranger based in UK, looking for a fellowship that will be active 1900 - 0000 BST.

Still got loads to learn in-game so looking for people to dungeon with, raid, finish MSQ, etc.

I’ll sent you a pm.


nice to see people still belive in us

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