[EU] [US] Alphabet Recruitment - End game raiding and dungeons


Updating with strategy vids:


Open for recruitment!

Recruiting highly active players for upcoming reborn content, dungeon runs and once a week expert mode clears.

Focus on end game raid content. In our team this should take precedence.
willing to train up nice, stable minded and skilled players ready for reborn (history doesn’t matter :))

  • clearing hard, normal and expert in one night
  • We look for Focus, skill, dedication and stability (play alot, be good).


Currently ranked 1st place fellowship for raid content.
fellowship stats: http://armory.orbus.xyz/#/fellowships/Alphabet

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Xbond app sent to join the fellowship,detail in my app


Hi Xbond! Someone should have already reached out to you :slight_smile:


Hey Alphabet,

Back during the game’s launch, I was part of the guild. Had a ton of fun, but plugged 300 hours into the first month or so of the game and just burned out. I took a break. I’ve hopped back on for a beta test and to level an alt a few times. But I miss the real game, the end game, and the community.

My questions

  • Is the guild still going strong?
  • Is the game still going strong?
  • Do you have positions open for people who have taken an extended break?
  • Somebody on Alphabet staff mind helping me figure out Artificing?

That’s it for now. Looking forward to your response!

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Hi Virgil!

Yes. we do nightly raids and shard dungeons still and hangout on voice chat on weekends.

Yes. Recently there has been a big batch of newer players and reborn is coming out soon to keep content fresh.

Yes you can join as a member back on trial however becoming an alpha member requires a longer period of shown stability, skill and dedication.

Yes depending on the classes you play we can explain step by step how to use this.

Generally you should message us on our discord for questions like that :slight_smile: .


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Some newer team artwork:


Alphabet…more like shmalphabet hehehe <3. No but I wanted to hop into the thread and just put a good word in. They are good people and are one of the few O.G. Guilds that have stuck around and continually progress. Thanks for all your hard work guys!


Love the expression on Kizzy’s face, just so terrified :joy:
May I suggest, it might have even more effect if Elongata’s evil bloodthirsty eyes were more directed at her
Great art though @J11 love seeing it in discord and the forums :grin:

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I was originally going for the manic unfocused look like ‘everyone is a target watch out’.

The plant actively targeting the scared is funny though. here is an updated version.


Lol, sorry Kizzy, this looks awesome J :smiling_imp::rofl:


Alphabet is recruiting 1-2 tanks for our US Wednesday raids which run from 18:30-21:30 PST.
We are also accepting friendly, skilled and dedicated players to trial with us for reborn.



Arthanos (shown left) requests that you kindly join our discord .


Our sweatypancakes right :wink:


RIP sweatypancakes :frowning:


Arthanos needs a time out!


where do I sign up? Im constantly on and am always looking for a group to do dungeons with and am way to excited to get to end game.


Check out our websites: http://orbus.xyz/ and http://armory.orbus.xyz/ (armory)
If you are interested in becoming an Alphabet member please check out our website and apply! Or hop on discord and do a shard run with us!

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Bumping for reborn!


Currently we have a strong active core roster.

Primary focus:

  • Regular daily dungeon runs
  • Preparation for raids (gearing and skilling up dedicated members, min-maxing).

Secondary focus

  • Weekend ‘for fun’ PvP sessions.
  • Other weekly fun things (TBC; let’s see what reborn gives us).

When content is fresh, we try to have regular raids running on times which are US (18:30 East coast) (usually hardcore), US (19:30 West coast) (usually mediumcore) and EU (19:30 GMT) (usually mediumcore)

On reborn release you can expect:

  • Daily dungeon runs at varying times between 19:30 GMT ( 14:30 CST ) -> 03:00 GMT ( 22:30 CST )
  • 3-4 raids per week at the varying times mentioned above.
  • Organized groups with focus towards end-game content min-maxing.

You all seem fun. Will you be accepting Oculus Quest noobs? That’s when I’ll be able to start playing.

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