Europa Templars - Fellowship Recruitment and more



Hello Orbus Adventurers,

‘Europa Templars’ are recruiting. We are a new fellowship of like minded ‘for fun’ players who live in the European time zone. We are looking for more Europeans like us to adventure with in OrbusVR.

To tell you a bit about us, we are a friendly fellowship who like to help each other out. Some of the things we are about are:

  • Helping players level up, either in guild or not.

  • We are all about guiding & helping new players learn the OrbusVR ropes from beginner to dungeon raids.

  • Having fun and enjoying the game for what it is.

  • Growing as a guild by helping each other attain better weapons & equipment in order to achieve success within the game.

  • A non-toxic friendly environment, where having fun and enjoying the game is of paramount importance.

Our goal is is to create a fun and friendly community based within the European time zone, to play VR games together. We love OrbusVR but, our members also play other games too. As guild, we apply a similar ethos to all games, which is a ‘just for fun’ style of play. But also enough gaming skill & kudos to achieve some shared higher goals.

Our aim is that our guild should be a true democratic community. Elitism & cliques are just not our thing. Our ethos is “When the tide rises it should lift all boats”. To that end there will be available to all guild members, a personal & guild OrbusVR tracker. All guild members can then monitor their own & each others levelling & equipment. This way we can help each other to attain parity of achievements. There are no demands to play at certain times, but we will try and accommodate requests asked of us.

If this sounds like you or you are interested in any of what has been stated. Please come chat with us in our discord.

Thanks for reading and we hope to see you all out there in the world!