Event XP while crashing

I was at the flying fish event, did the event up to about 3 quarters completed and then Orbus crashed.(And this isn’t the first time) I logged in as fast as I could, I managed to throw one fish in and the event ended.

I only got like 5k xp and no chest. How is this possible?
After all the game can remember when I am in a dungeon or with friends in a party or whatnot, while crashing, so why not this?

Today I was lucky to have 5k XP, usually, I don’t get anything. Is this intended?

Maybe the event failed? You might have ran out of time because you crashed and had to log back on, which may have taken too much time. Usually when I fail an event, I get a bit of EXP and dram, but nothing else.

its normal for me to crash during anything its cause you left and re-entered the event so you would only get bronze from throwing 1 fish in to end it

Absolutely not, I’ve been playing for 2 years, I know when an event has failed. (EDIT: There was another player there that kept playing while I re-logged) This is clearly a bug where Orbus doesnt’ mark you as part of the event, so in an event of a crash, which is often you lose progress.
You can’t tell me that you’ve never encountered this! Everyone in game that i’ve talked to about this has experienced this at one point or another, it has just finally become annoying enough to talk about it.

Again, the game remembers other attributes that are set for certain events in game, why not this one!?
It’s surely easy to track a progress and then reward the player as soon as reasonably possible, so maybe within 10 minutes might be reasonable, allowing for recovery from a crash? (lastly, Orbus crashes, not me, so we shouldn’t be loosing progress!)

instead of wanting them to fix tracking progress than why not just want them to fix crashes instead than you would not lose progress if you never crash

LOL, well, yes of course we want that :slight_smile: but if some unforeseen thing happens like Oculus crashing, at least we can avoid the disappointments.

Well, I’ve actually haven’t experienced this, I’ve crashed in an event before near the end, but I’ve gotten full rewards. Sorry.