Events: solo play or gather people around?

Greetings, fellow Orbians! TL;DR
Straight to the subject: playing for a while now, my impressions are that some of the events are impossible to solo. How bout talking each of them?

  • Highsteppe
    Gate Defense: first one, easiest one. enemies scale with level and number of players around
    Portal: also easy to solo. I’d say it’s even easier to solo than gathering more players, which doesn’t make it hard at all
  • Rainforest
    Flying Fishes: easy to solo, still challenging. One of my favorite events.
    Obnobi Camp: not easy, but possible. Just not aggro too many of the enemies at once and keep guard inside the camp.
    Wagon Graveyard: This is where the problems start. I’ve tried a few times using different level 30ies. Enemies spawn quickly, never managed to solo it. I never see players passing around as well, so this is not one that I feel like playing when it spawns.
  • Lamavora
    Broken Castle Piece: possible to solo, but I don’t understand exactly when I succeed or fail. Sometimes results seem to be kinda random. There’s also an annoying bug where Minions don’t aggro on you when you hit them, making them walk aaaaaall the way around making you waste time and sometimes failing the event.
    Essence Mine: another of my favorites. Possible to solo and provides one of the best experiences in events. Just please fix the bug where some crystals disappear when reach the ground (if that’s not intentional)
    Knight’s Fort: another one that I don’t even try to solo anymore. That one could be on my own, as I don’t turn using controller settings. I play standing up and turn for real. So, for this, targeting the shielded casters using ballistas is close to impossible. (I won’t mention that I knocked my computer screen from its desk trying that event lol)
  • Hulthine’s Basin
    Ritual Site: Not easy to solo, but possible. I’ve managed to do it using Musketeer, gotta learn a way to use my Bard abilities
  • Wastelands
    Scav Outpost: enemies are always hard here. Too many of them spawn quickly as in Wagon Graveyard. I always die trying to solo here.


  • Read all of that from the point of view of a player playing for 3 months now :slightly_smiling_face:
  • I’m aware that as being an MMORPG, probably the impossible-to-solo events are made intentionally this way.
  • I might try to solo the impossible ones again when I get two The One rings and full +6 Bard or Musketeer.
  • Final question: some events show a purple pumpkin-like sphere on top of their beams. What does it mean?
  • Thank you for your patience for reading that all the way to the end!

Knight’s Fort is very much solo-able too, you have a lot of time between spawns and they take quite a while to destroy the crossbows. I play standing up, small room-scale (about minimum what SteamVR wants from me). When I aim the crossbow, I always walk in my playspace.

Wagon Graveyard is solo-able as a Paladin, but I only did it once, and also a while back, I was probably pretty overgeared at that point. Hurt a lot, would not recommend doing alone.

I agree with the other ones - the only one that you can’t really complete alone is the Wastelands one. Maybe it’s possible, but you’d have to be an extremely good mage. I haven’t completed the Basin one solo yet, but I haven’t tried that much either tbh.

For Broken Castle, you need to stand in the circle. When you are in it, but no enemies, it fills up the progress bar, if no player but enemies are in it, it decreases, and if both players and enemies or neither are in it, it stands still. The event fails when the timer runs out.

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Most of those are solo-able just hard but the basin and wastelands events you have to stand in both circles and are very hard/impossible to complete alone.

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Haven’t ever had much issue with wagon grave that I can remember, think I’ve done it solo while leveling alts as well. As long as you’re actually alone there should only be like 3 stafrushers(small melees, some with bombs) and one stafraster(the one with a staff) at a time, but the stafraster doesn’t automatically agro or attack the gates so you can just ignore them.

Scav outpost is definitely hardest to solo, but it’s more about technique and some luck than having high damage(tho that does help)
What makes it challenging is the short time you have to “capture” each of the circle, as far as I remember you have just barely enough time to capture each circle solo. Which means you almost can’t let mobs enter the circles at all.
So what I used to do was enter one, stand at the edge of it, then try to get the mobs as soon as they spawn so they don’t get to wander into either circle. Then kill them while standing on the edge of the circle. This way you can kill them while they’re outside and you’re barely inside, here there is some luck involved since they occasionally sidestep into the circle.
Once one circle is done, head over to the other one and repeat. At this point it’s even more important to get them before they wander into the circle you’ve captured, if they do you will almost certainly fail.

I’ve only every done it on mage myself(that i remember anyway), but I believe Rickness has done it on ranger.

For hulthine it’s the same thing, just you have more time, but also the mobs can spawn inside the circles which makes it more tedious IMO.

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Don’t know if anyone’s answered this but it’s supposed to indicate that it should be done with a group and is very challenging to do alone


I think if some of the events were reworked people would venture out to do them more.

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I personally think the events are fine how they are with them being unique and many quests attached to many of them I think it’s just a matter of to small of a player base so it’s not very populated sadly but as time goes on we might see this change


I solo these all

:+1: its not hard to do you just need to know how

I’m just bored of protect the circle.