Expand Alchemy Table in House

I want to suggest adding an ingredient rack vertically so that the alchemy chest can be expanded to fit more items in it. Otherwise as new ingredients or more recipes are added, this limited table size will more headaches for players.

The alchemy recipes and ingredients have grown to a point where to brew several different potions you have to ferry ingredients back and forth between your main chest and the alchemy table. Hopefully with more space in the chest thanks to an expanded table or rack, it will be easier to craft several different potions without needing to reorganize your two chests every time you change what you want to make.

You can even make it so people have to buy this add-on if they are keen on crafting potions.


The easy fix is simply to put slots in the alchemy chest that are just for storage and not to display on the table, or have access to your general chest from the alchemy chest

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I agree. The alchemy table only fits half of the full list of ingredients. Being able to store all the alchemy ingredients on the table (even if in non-showing slots) would streamline the process tremendously.

Also, it seems odd that runeset tiles are created through alchemy… Dipping a bottle into a potion pot generates… a tile? Perhaps these could be shuffled off onto a new tile-making crafting bench. Of course, that’s a major rework, but it would also help this situation by moving all the ores to a new space.

Maybe keep the existing house as is, but make house upgrades or bigger houses have wider tables with more slots, more cauldrons, etc etc


Yes. I am hoping they revamp some of the crafting to be improved but making it upgrades to be purchased is also fine by me.

When I was considering multiple cauldrons I thought about the limitation of one person being able to move around and handle two cauldrons max. So I think that if they did a cauldron upgrade instead of having 2 cauldrons they’d have an improved cauldron that allows you to double up on materials or something to that effect to produce stuff twice as fast.

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or give you a chance of getting an extra potion

I wouldn’t mind a Dram price for upgrading the slots of the alchemy chest.


Multiple pot upgrades but you can only use one at a time maybe.

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