Expansion and more in depth/fun rewards for overlvl rewards


In the current overlvl rewards state most ppl only want to have their luck stat increased and that is about it. And even that a lot of ppl don’t feel the motivation to go actively get that reward. The rewards are minimal and not interesting enough for players to actually starting to spend a major amount of time into overleveling. Hopefully in the future this overlevel rewards can be expanded upon.


But but… double potions are great, I recently got a double runetile (which I really didn’t need) :smiley:

No seriously, I do want 10% more mount speed and the double potions, also more time to prevent overaged potions is at least nice to have for emergencies.
My only problem is the proportion time spent vs reward. The steps of 5 are ok, I can level 5 times a week without really spending much time, but up from 10 or 15 for the next step I lost interest to actively pursue it; it just takes way too long and rankings show how many are even going for this, only 13 players have 75 perks by now to max only one stat (likely luck) yet.

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I think the perk system is a great opportunity to add depth, fun, and replayability to the game. However the current perks are mostly useless and unrewarding.