Explore the Realm Event and Summer Festival Patch 6/23/20

I will not rank my favorite children from OG >.<

Server should be up.


When we wave festival farmer she says something about the festival over and doesn’t give a quest

how to activate the bomb? bought mount speed,it does nothing…

i believe it is a tool slot item

yea i saw that in the video! and its broke…
put it on the ground, tried pull the lever, nothing

oh rip idk then

oki worked 2nd try,… happy summer questing :smiley:


The summer quest will be given out from the Festival NPC outside of higshteppe, the festival farmer near peirre is just to clear spring quests

Ty Mishka! Ty Zalobro! All bonuses are ACTIVE now yippieh!


Okay Hulthines Shard is constantly crashing (red flash, reset of questgiver) right now, whenever I try starting the escort quest… are we too many trying this rn?

i really like all the new mobs
i think the rusher looks like a little dumb zombie baby (in a good way)
and all the others look really nice as well

We found the issue and are working on a fix right now, should be up shortly. Sorry about that.

Edit: Patch is out and escort quest is good

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What’s the total server goal for the island early unlock?

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That was like, the shortest event ever though… only 3 quests? You can do that in 15mins if it wasn’t for bugs. Also the fish barely deducted my stock, I mean, it could at least be some legendaries, or 2-3 batches of all kinds… nice rod, nice cape, but still, no critter capture also, that was a biiiit quick really.

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where do you turn in the harvestables you get for point

to the Explore the Realm NPC at Hulthine’s Basin

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i got the explorer cape, I actually like it. fits my black and white color scheme

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Why the random group mob switch in crypt dungeon?

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