Explore the Realm Event and Summer Festival Patch 6/23/20

Today around 12:30 PM CST (Noon), we will release the patch that starts the Explore the Realm and the Summer Festival. This will be a client and server side patch that requires a download.

Once the patch is live and you have updated the game you can speak with the Festival NPC to start the festival quest line, along with opening you player journal to see the Explore the Realm monsters and resources for the first week. If you want to learn more about the mechanics of the ETR you can check out this blog post HERE where we outlined how it will all work, and HERE where we go over the personal rewards (will update once our blog post goes live), and check how far the community has come towards the server wide goal of unlocking the new island HERE.

If you still have existing Spring Festival quests inside your journal you can speak with the Festival Farmer outside Pierre Cenn’s shop to clear those quests.

We are excited to see the community band together and accomplish this goal!

Patch Notes:

  • Updated terrain textures and some models for the start of Summer Festival
  • Added Summer Festival props around the overworld
  • Updated the way mobs reset when activating a shard dungeon
  • Updated price of repairing gear
    • You can see more in depth information HERE
  • Added new Odds N Ends Mounts, Teleportation Devices for sale
  • Added a new Mount and Teleportation Device to the in game cash shop
  • Added Player purchased Server wide Boost bombs to the Odds N Ends shop for purchase with Dram
  • Added 2 new slots that can be purchased in the Player Chest (main vault) inside the player house (these will be the 3rd and 4th slot that can be purchased) to help with maxed out inventory space :small_blue_diamond:
    • 250,000 for 3rd slot
    • 500,000 for 4th slot
  • Added in new achievements for the ETR and Summer Festival
  • Added in the rewards for the ETR, Summer Festival
  • Added in 4 new monsters to the overworld (Necro monsters), which re-use existing abilities of other monsters :small_blue_diamond:
  • Updated the rank positioning of the Scoundrel to on top of the Scoundrel gun to make it easier to see at longer distances :small_blue_diamond:
  • Updated the Mount Speed server boost to to 12% from 5% :small_blue_diamond:

:small_blue_diamond: indicates a feature or improvement directly suggested or requested by the community.

Client Side Builds are now available


Forum hell incoming? xD (probably not)

We ran into a little trouble getting builds uploaded to the different platforms so its going to be closer to 12:30 when the patch goes live, sorry for the wait.


how do we make progress for this server wide goal, like what do we have to do?

like they said in the post, you will get missions each week, and the points that you get will go towards your personal goal and the server wide goal

Nah that’s no forum topic… partly I’m relieved that this fuzz is over, however what IS a (kindof related) topic is that Mines are bugged since day 1 of release. It’s a shame we are supposed to do a dungeon which is not only poorly balanced, regarded that one boss, Dovregubben, got pretty long downtimes and the strength of trash groups is way higher than dungeons where that is not the case, but also bugged to the point that it is not playable.

If it really can not be fixed that mobs are vanishing in the ground/falling of the bridges, as often requested, then an easy “fix” is to at least reduce groups or certain of their members.

I suggest specifically removing the elite mage which regularly falls down the bridge and nukes any group from below which is not real “skilled” in carefully leashing it so it ends up at a point where it can be hit (what “skill” is that anyway…) to oblivion.


What’s wrong with my man Dovregoober? I love that fight, it was the devs bringing back something from preborn like we asked.


My bard can’t hit him :frowning:


Okay ya that’s an issue lol. I don’t play Bard on this guy so I never noticed

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Like some asked… I did not miss that boss, at all, and it’s not fitting into reborn either (or rather, was not adapted; if it was, it weren’t that bad), first of all that stupid xp bar plus log is blocking my view up, second the bard can not even hit that boss, because its hitbox is not for all classes (which should not happen on any fight in the game), third, there are invisible walls close to the walls, fourth, a shaman with fatigued got a real issue maintaining close distance none of that was in focus of the OG and it shows.

And nothing “wrong” with bosses having downtimes, how-ever, fun fact, the shortest distance, quickest bosses, easiest trash groups are combined in for example BH (which makes it pretty much a joke in difficulty, compared with all the rest, even on lvl 15) while TWO bosses with downtimes, real long fights (crypt) are combined with harder groups and, like, the longest distance to walk, especially after wipes - this is what I mean with “not balanced”.

I love that fight too,
probably more the run up to it … or they are referring to you cant beat it quicker than X because of the boss mechanics ?
Idk , I agree with those groups falling off the bridge feels like there is a few too many mob groups in that dungeon … replace a few with kelpies and scoggtrolls for some nostalgia and will balance things out :slight_smile:

*edit … also love my BHs thanks devs for bringing that back. These two are my favorite dungeons now .

Edit edit … you are entirely right metris … I dislike BHs disregard that , I meant Temple … lol

Im actually tweaking that dungeon (Mine Dungeon) spawners right now, we got a PM a few days back about it and the mobs falling off the paths so I’m re-arranging where they spawn at and removing the problem spawner that always seems to fall down. It wont be in this patch but should be out by end of week when we do some testing on it.


why can’t the bard hit the boss, it goes under him?

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Yup! Still happens on this boss, it’s rare we use a bard on that fight tough, mostly when transmog farming but I was barding cause my right controller is broken

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That is a real relief to read, ty. The problem is though, even if they are moved, we possibly can’t fight them without pulling all the other groups around, we wait what is happening though, really looking forward to that!

Nothing in BH is from the OG, this is a Reborn dungeon… you mean Mistkeeper in temple possibly? (Which tbh feels also pretty different from the original imo; most warriors still fail this fight on 15s, as it is designed now; plus it’s another fight from times where there was no “melee” class, it is not fit for shamans, except with groups where mages fill in for his orbs).

You are correct , I Meant Temple .
Temple is my favorite dungeon hands down then the cave.

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Temple as in tradu?

When is this bit coming?

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