Explore The Realm Goals & Rewards

Hi, we posted the list of goals and rewards you can achieve with screenshots on the blog, check them out!


Can we get an actual number for the server wide goal? It’s not very clear right now


Can you confirm it’s even working?

Server-Wide Points: 246150
Server-Wide Progress: [--------------------] 0.00%

Last Updated: 2020-06-23 20:48:35 EST


Suspect they are waiting to see the day 1 progression to figure out what the progress markers are. Can’t unring that bell once rung.


Server-Wide Points: 641970
Server-Wide Progress: [--------------------] 0.00%

When will you be setting the goal?


My bets go on either begin next week or begin the week after. To have full info of how the realm trend goes for all players of the week.

I actually would find it more fair to have a fixed amount like last time. The first two weeks everyone and his pet checks a new feature out and half of players will likely get bored with it somewhere half-way. Or at least stop getting points on their alts, last time not even I was that enthusiast to keep that up for 2 chars till the end, every week. Or they run out of stocked resources. Etc.

So if first days/weeks are supposed to show a trend according to which the goals are set, I fear it’s gonna be very hard to unlock community rewards and ofc the island.

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