Extra Housing Storage

I love hoarding in this game, and I know others do too. Unfortunately my home chest, auction chest, and even fellowship chest are brimming with items. Adding more pages to purchase in the house chest would be great—or even a whole new storage chest to unlock once you max out your original chest’s storage capacity. The main thing keeping me from buying some of the in-game piggy bank shop items is my lack of storage.

When pets can become placeable furniture (if that update is still coming) the storage issue will be alleviated slightly. Even so, I feel more purchasable general storage would be something very rewarding for me and others to financially work towards in the game since a lot of us maxed it out a while ago.


pst you can put resources like herbs, fish and lure components in furniture chests

I have! I was excited to hear that the furniture chests would get expanded with the furniture overhaul teased last year. Still holding out hope for that update. I also use the alchemy table for extra material storage.

That will be such a great one. Hopes are still high!


Its actually pretty common in MMOs for people to use their alt as less of an account to play on and more so a “Bank” alt. Storing items for later use.

The only problem is transferring these items. In which you’d have to be in the same fellowship or have someone trusted trade them for you.

Until there is more storage options, that may end up being your best bet.

I want to add on to this that alternative storage options would help too—mainly the belt items. If there was a place to store/show off those it would help me clear out a page. Teleporters, lamps, jester balls, fishing rods, pickaxes, net guns. There’s just so much to collect and store :sweat_smile:


I only don’t save everything I get because of the space that would require. But yeah, having a collection of belt items sounds fancy! It’s like catching Pokemon: we want to have them all, even knowing we’d never use most of them


It would be fun to get another item dump event like the one from 2020 to open the open the island that way it will make people who have been hoarding things get rewards out of it and have to grind of materials again and fixes the storage problem (temporarily)


That would be great


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