Fair Trader's Alliance

Hello there fellow OrbusVR Players!
The Fair Trader’s Alliance was just founded! Accepting Relaxed individuals who like to play and learn with others with no level reqs! I am a new player myself but like to have a sense of community while I level and play. All individuals are allowed to join as long as they are relaxed , are willing to learn , do not pressure others into joining them on adventures, and can be respectful of all members. So find me In game throughout the day if you are interested in joining. -BloodWyrm-


Are you based in the US or Europe? So I am in the UK and want to find out if your day time is my night.

Oh my apologies. I am Based in the US East Timezone. My Play times are 11am-11pm EST (4pm - 4am GMT).

Ok thanks I will look elsewhere. It sounded good BloodWyrm.

Fellowship disbanded and reformed with the name Helpers R Us to promote the actual goal across bluntly with the name.

I have taken the plunge. Hope to get help completing quests and advice on casting runemage spells reliably.

lots of practice

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Check the Orbus subreddit or the YouTube channel Pkillusion1. Several videos are out there specifically to help mages :slight_smile: