Family accounts?

So looking through here/Reddit history, looks like accounts get tied to whatever system you used to purchase (Steam vs Occulus). My issue is: we have 2x headsets currently (CV1 + quest2); I have no problem purchasing a second copy, but am hesitant to do so the way it currently is: I’d like to make a second account, and login to either account from either device; so I could play with my wife, without us being confined to one system or the other. Any chance to do a family account, or some other way to allow 2 logins from same account to get around this issue? Again, I’m more than happy to pay for another account, but restrictions on logging in and out make this frustrating: Would like to buy 2x accounts and be able to swap between them!

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Hi, thanks for reaching out to us. At the moment, there is no way to tie two different Orbus accounts to one store account, so it wouldn’t be possible to do what you’re looking for, unfortunately.

We’ll keep the request in mind, but I don’t know if it’s something that we’ll ever be able to implement. Thanks for understanding.

I was thinking about this too … could you just add a saved logon option to orbus main menus?

So it would look like character select and then an extra button for each additional saved account logon with account name on button. Above said character select.

Or have it load to an account select that looks like character select first , if you have more than 1 account and then when you select the account from the menu you then see normal character select.

I was going to rebuy on quest , but this has been a sticking issue for me.

Re reading Mathieus post … I dont think OP wants them bound to the same store account (ie dlc purchase transfer) think he just wants an easier way to hop between two accounts from the logon screen.

He and I would gladly pay again for our family’s account and pay for more DLC again.

We just want to use whichever headset is free for whoever character / account.

So still separate accounts just easier swapping between them.

Tho a family account with shared something could be desirable… but understandably more work for a small % of pop.

Just want saved logins so father can play on cv1 while mother plays on quest then father plays on quest later that night.

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