Farming Jester Balls Until It Drops!

Starting now at 2:17 pm I’ll be outside the abandoned mine farming for Jballs come join in on the carnage if you’d like!

Update: it dropped.

Yeah they are a bit common…

Yah spent one hour, nothin, try to farm with a musky, so much “fun” :smiley:

PS: Below question is almost too stupid to deserve an answer, leveling classes does not mean also playing them, obviously. Farming wastelands with my off-class, shaman, is even more tedious due to mobs cramped up into each other and thus long heal-up times needed in between.

Don’t remember saying that farming them was fun. Just that it was a bit common.

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You have every class at 30. If farming is so slow with musky then switch to another class maybe?


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