February Pre-Alpha Test Client Download

Here’s the download link for the client for the test tomorrow (around 600MB):


To join the test, just run the “OrbusVR_Launcher” application in the folder after you unzip it. Then login with your account (or make one on http://orbusvr.com if you haven’t already) and you’re good to go.

Note that you must re-download the client even if you participated in a previous test. You can delete any previous versions of OrbusVR that you might have on your computer.

Here’s the Play Guide, be sure to read it so you know how to play the game!


Prepare for Full Dive.


So excited my vive didn’t arrive for the last one!

any french speakers preped for grouping tonight ?

We’re going to try your test out today on a Vive & Oculus! :slight_smile: Woop! Can’t wait.

hi all,

I have questions is the stream allowed?
I am french and i am looking for french to play ahah
If yes a discord will be nice;)

Thank you Riley for your work, we will savor this moment.

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Yes you can stream the game if you’d like.

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I’m sorry, i want to love this but it crashes every 2 minutes. I don’t think it’s ready for even pre-alpha. I’m in Florida in the US. My internet is fine (1gbps) .

Sorry to hear that! Are you on 0.85 or 0.86?

If you’re on 0.86 and still having crashes, if you could put your output_log in a PasteBin, I will take a look at what’s causing the issue for you.

It’s under <OrbusVR_Folder>/resources/app/client/vrclient_Data/output_log.txt


I’m still crashing whit the new launcher here is my outpout logs https://1fichier.com/?xksyu0so2k

Did it get cut off? There’s no crash in there…

As per my crashes earlier. Was too large for PasteBin so I used something else, hope it helps!


i recived an error message and relaunched after
Maybe he got cut off

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I was on 0.85. I tried 0.86 and it fixed the issue! Thanks for the quick reply!

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There’s another new version with some additional bugfixes. If you’re still crashing a lot give it a try:


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Just started playing and noticed right off the bat, that there is some seriously bad frame lag, which did NOT occur last time I played( The December test) unsure as to why but even if I’m in an area with no people, It’s still just as bad.

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Are you on Vive or Oculus?

Also we added a whole other zone and the trees are way higher poly, so it could be either of those things. What are your system specs?

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I play on the HTC Vive, I have a GTX 960, my processor is an AMD phenom II X6 1045T 2.70 GHz

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Okay, thanks for the info. Just out of curiosity, if you end up in the second zone (the plains area) by the first village you come to after you cross over, and look toward the big hill there, that is the “hardest” part on my computer, so I’d be interested to know how bad that area is for you.

I’ll probably go back through and remove some trees and whatnot to help. Although to be honest your specs are definitely on the lower-end of what we are going to support, the fact that it worked previously and isn’t now is concerning.

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