February Pre-Alpha Test Feedback Thread

Great, glad to hear it!

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Two screenshots of how its looking for me (Rift + Touch). Let me know if I can do anything about it.

About 3 minutes of playtime and it “Websocket connection closed by remote host” Dont know if that’s you guys or the server

Yeah I’ve been getting a few websocket closed by remote host, aside from that everything’s going well

It’s the server. Just had another crash. Basically we keep hitting bugs and edge cases (which is bound to happen in a Pre-Alpha test). We fix the bug then bring the server online.

The good news is the longer this goes on the fewer bugs there are to find hopefully haha. Sorry for the trouble.

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Can you see your hands at all if you bring them up by your face?

Yes i can see my hands and everything. Its just the connection time out for now

Yes I can use my hands and access the menu. I just can’t move. I also tried “Stuck in combat” and “Move to town”. Unfortunately still in the ground :frowning:

Is this a new character you just made? If not you might try making a new character and see if that fixes it. If that doesn’t help then let me know.

I keep getting Connection.ReadCallback :: EndRead failure

I just created a new char, unfortunately same problem. Restarting my PC…

The only thing I can think of is that your floor isn’t set properly in SteamVR. Try re-running the room setup and then when you put your controllers down in SteamVR make sure they don’t go through the floor. If that doesn’t work, go to


And paste it into PasteBin: http://pastebin.com and I’ll take a look.

between the server crashes managed to hit level 2 lol. holy hell level 1 mobs are hard to kill >.>


please stop crashing the server! :frowning:

I know! People are so inconsiderate! :slight_smile:

Should be back up.

wouldnt be an orbusvr test without server crashes. Good job with the game tho riley im loving it

Wouldnt be a Pre-alpha test in general without crashes

I have a couple error reports that are definitely too large to send over this blog. Where should I put them?