February Pre-Alpha Test Feedback Thread

Here’s the thread where you can give us feedback during the test. We’ll also update this thread with any important information you need to know, such as if there is a new version of the Client you can use or any known issues with the test.

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About two hours to go. Finishing up some last-minute bugs on the server as we speak…

Also Robert recorded some footage of us testing the dungeon last night if you’d like to see it:

Okay, here we go! Servers going online now.

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Here goes nothing… Link Start!

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Around 60 people online right now in one zone. We may need to turn down the number of people per zone (it’s set to 100 right now) as 60-70 might be stressing it enough…

Okay we’re going to restart the server quickly to adjust a few limits. Be right back!

Let us know if you’re running into any issues getting connected.

Around 80 people online now!

We’ve adjusted the server limits to only allow 50 people per shard. So if you want to play with friends and want to make sure you’re on the same shard, for now you need to connect around the same time.

Having this issue. No head tracking and on the vive all it shows is a light blue screen.

Hmmm…that happens to me when I’m testing the Rift when the headset isn’t tracked properly. It doesn’t know where you “are” in the world. Is your Vive headset working fine in other SteamVR games?

I’m trying to play with my Oculus Touch, but when I login I am in the ground and I can’t do anything. Anything I can do about htis?

Can you share a screenshot of what it looks like? With the Rift sometimes I get weird issues if I haven’t moved the headset after the game loads. Also note that it uses SteamVR with Rift as well, so make sure that you’ve run the SteamVR Room Setup with your Rift.

I am using SteamVR. I will post a screenshot once I am able to reconnect again.

Also I have been moving the headset and tried reconnecting a couple of times. Chary is able to connect using the Vive though.

We just had a hard crash. Fixed the bug, should be coming back up now!

Okay sounds good. Let us know.

Yeah it was working fine a few moments ago let me try something brb!

Vive user here, working properly just websocket keeps crashing

The two vives had stopped working but reboot and good to go now!

Yeah we’ve had two hard crashes on the server so far. Is it not working beyond that or just those two times?