Feedback and Suggestions Forum Guidelines

Hi folks, from Early Access onward, we are reorganizing the way we will collect feedback in an effort to more easily allow discussions about certain features and to make it easier for us to respond to certain topic as well.

Outside of fresh discussions about a patch, we encourage you to make and participate in new threads! If you have something to tell us about a specific feature of the game or want to have conversation about it with other players, creating a thread is a great idea. Do search the forums to see if there’s already a discussion going on about the subject before you create one.

Bug reports:

We now have a Bugs and Technical Issues Category for threads! We encourage you to use it.
For more details on how to provide valuable information and get help, read this.

General feedback priority:

  1. The most useful feedback to us is about newly added features or recent change to the game. We’re very interested in hearing how it affects how you play the game and if there are new issues with them.

  2. Feedback about an older feature of the game and ways it could be improved, or issues you’re experiencing with it.

  3. Suggestions on how to improve an existing feature, such as quality of life additions.

  4. Brand new ideas, new features or additions that aren’t in the game in any way. We love to and will always read about all your ideas, and we definitely take them into consideration, but we are not able to individually respond to all of them.

If you’re not sure where something goes, don’t be worried, we’ll simply move it to the appropriate place.

Once again, we greatly appreciate everyone’s feedback! You are all helping us improve and make OrbusVR a fantastic game and we are very thankful for it.

If you have any questions about the forums, feel free to send me a PM.