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The new practical FX are nice in the scene that they are high rez but the problem is the fell way to cartoony for the game and are massively immersion braking. I can see some people will like them like that but it removes a layer of immersion for me. an idea may be to add in an option for the graphics tab in the setting menu for switching between new and old setting for things like particle effects because things like firebolt and the musket shots end up looking more slapstick than powerful like they are being fired at a roadrunner.

So we decided to change up the style of the VFX to better match the new shading style of the interactive elements of the world (such as the monsters and players). It didn’t look right to us that we had a more “realistic” looking Fireball effect that was then interacting with and colliding with a toon/cel-shaded Wererabbit, for example.

I’m not sure if we could offer a setting to switch back and forth between them, simply because while that would work for now, in the future as more new VFX are added to the game, I would not want to have to commit the resources to making two different versions of every single one.

That said, I agree that Fireball is one of the ones that I am least-happy with right now, so I will keep working on improving that one. I am pretty pleased with how the Arcane, Frost, Light Cantrip, and a lot of others turned out, though. And I really like the Level 3 Fireball, but that Level 1 Fireball still needs some work. We’ll keep working on them and making them better. Appreciate your feedback on it!


For what it’s worth, I’m a big fan of the new VFX, and I really love how there is a dramatic visual progression from T1 to T3 spells.


I would like to ask to maybe make the road itself outside of highstep not covered in grass? It does get a fair amount of foot traffic. (Could also help with optimization out there)

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I would like a better distinction between level 1 and level 2 of fireball and frostbolt.
I can almost not tell the difference.

And i’m curious as to why level 2 affliction is so huge, it almost looks like a level 3.

This issue is being tracked.

I agree with both of these actually. I’ve found it a little tricky to reliably hit my targets at range with the T2 Afflicition due to how large the VFX are.

I’ll make it a little smaller.

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