Fellowship Bank/Storage Questions

This post is primary aimed at Riley. I am interested in knowing more about how shared chests will work in beta 2 for fellowships. Also will there be a Fellowship bank account where Dram can be shared? or what is the overall plan on that sort of thing.

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I don’t think any of that will be in for this next Beta, probably more like Beta 3.

But long-term the plan is that the Fellowship will have a shared chest at their Fellowship Hall (like your Personal Chest in your house) that anyone in the Fellowship can put things into/take things out of. Longer term we’ll be adding some additional permissions around that but at least to start it’s going to be just a very communal thing.

As for a bank account, similar system in that there will be a place to withdraw/deposit dram.


Is there a plan to have an activity log as well, so you can see who deposited/withdrawal-ed what and at what time?

When we get to the point that we’re adding in the permissions and whatnot, yes. Honestly it might be as simple as the system PMing the Fellowship Leader each time money is deposited/withdrawn or something like that.

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