Fellowship glich

Hello has eany other fellowship leaders experienced a glich where the fellowship option dissaperes form the social tab and when you go in the guild hall it acts like youre not in a felloship at all

Usually within the first five to ten minutes, your friends/Fellowship won’t load in. Takes a few minutes.

If you don’t have a fellowship after several minutes, relog and it should fix.

If not, definitely a dev issue


Thank you so much this really helped

I think i shoul also mention that when i use a door the glich also happens (e.g i want to put an item in the felloship chest the glich happens when i go tgrough the door) i should also say even when it shows up on social tab it does not show the contence of tge chest to do that i thinj i would need to go out of the halk and back in but the glitch would happen creating a loop

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