Fellowship Hall Customization


Is there a plan or anything in the works to extend the customization one can make for their own home to the fellowship halls? Preferably youd also add all the various stations in our home to the hall as well. At current, the hall is nothing but an empty room with a community chest. At least, it was the last time i check. Ive been there maybe once cause theres literally no need to. It saddens me to see the hall as nothing close to what a guildhall should be, a place for guild members to congregate and spend downtime between adventures.

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I concur. Like, yeah, I guess it has a map of guild city and its bosses, but does anyone even use that? There’re locked doors for no apparent reason other than the devs haven’t put anything there yet. “In a future update”, they say. Alright, I’ll believe it when I see it.

They have stayed that the fellowship hall was getting some love - a while ago however.

We’ve definitely got some ideas regarding the Fellowship Hall, but I can’t say yet when we’ll have time to implement them. We understand that effectively them being just empty halls and a chest isn’t ideal and when we first added them in we mostly focused on the functionality at the beginning.

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No to be rude but -what- functionality. Theyre big empty rooms with a chest. Unless theres a function im missing?

The functionality of a shared chest and the shared instance inside the hall id assume.

Sorry, yes, that’s what I meant originally.

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What might the fellowship hall need functionality wise? A guild farm would be cool - but unlikely to happen.

The most the hall will more likely receive is a few new cosmetics changes and additions. People don’t use the hall for meetings or anything - which is sad. I doubt adding a few cosmetics would change that.

I would argue that the hall isnt used because theres no use for it. Farms, crafting Stations, dragon breeding pens. all the things in your own house but available for guild use, as well as storage and bulletin boards and anything else a guild might want or need for the personalized communal space. It should feel like a guild hall should, not an empty unused room

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a guild hall should be used to gather and discuss however we use discord so there’s no purpose for us gathering in game to talk bc we can talk anytime anywhere using discord.

Something I think can be added to the hall would be an advanced training room.
Not training dummy’s in different locations either, maybe more like take your shards to the door throw it in and then you can take a practice run at it without risking breaking any shards. This would be a good way to test anything and everything with no risk involved. Would make for training all classes better.

Could maybe just load bosses at different shard levels using a menu of some sort.

It would be like the X-Men training room lol

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That’s the thing, why would anyone want to hang out and not do anything - when clan members can already hang in and do stuff x3 there isn’t much you can do in the hall that you cant anywhere else.

Normally, I’d like the hall to contribute to the clan.
As in, you preform more things in the hall that helps level the clan. But, that will not happen (at least not soon) because fellowships feel like an after-thought. It’s just a tag with a shared chest that is used to level the clan but that also seems tacked on since the only thing leveling up a clan does is allows for more members - even then, there is a maximum cap at max level.

We don’t even have fellowship wars, clan v clan stuff because why would you pvp in the over world? All we have is the ability to fight randoms in BG.


I did not enter this hall since weeks and it hardly matters what is put in there, at least our guild does hang out in dungeons, almost solely, not places … the 2 things I would really wish to see, though:

  • Make the guild chest accessible from the player house, in teleport-range of the personal player chest. Walking there to see what is even inside (making a screenshot if it’s much) then walk back, little by little transport mats (being helplessly overencumbered if its potions) and so on makes the chest irrelevant, for most guilds, I feel. Also guild leaders and officers should be able to check daily if all is stocked and ‘well’, in bigger guilds. To really share stuff with guild members via this chest everyone needs an easy way to check on it and put stuff in or out, quickly. Like if I got 1 spare dye, I don’t delete, but dump it in the guild chest - I would never consider carrying it to the hall, though.
  • More dummies, for all classes (rangers), wider spaces - that is the only reason I can imagine people gathering in the hall, to compare dmg, rotations and tilesets in a more private space than outside hs
  • And of course I could imagine all kind of fancy stuff like a snapshot of every guild member in his current gear (similar to the armory) along with the last login date OR even more info like highest shards done in which time, leaderboard rank and what not; but these gimmicks also would not make it be used supermuch since the armory is more convenient, it would be nice to look at, together, now and then though.

I do think there’s a point to be made for having combat dummies in the guild hall. Those on the Oculus Quest cannot parse their DPS. For testing purposes, the only place to go with a buddy who can parse is the dummies outside Highsteppe, where outside players can interfere (especially with things like Iceheart). Having a dummy in the guildhall for parsing purposes would be great.


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