Fellowship issue


in-Game Name: wurstsalatvr

i want to leaving a Fellowship ( kosher-cowboys ) and joining the Rebels they playing in my timezone but it doesn’t work. When i get into the game I’m not at one fellowship but after a few minutes i stay in the kosher cowboys fellowship again. The resign button its also not working. Please fix this and i ask the leader of the Rebels for joining.

Thank you.

Have you tried relogging or closing the game and booting it up again? I’ve had a few fellowship issues where closing the game and starting it up again fixes it.

Yes i have restarting the game few times. Has been the problem for a long time.

Sounds like you have the bug where you are in both at the same time. A dev should hopefully fix it for you.

I followed up via email I think yesterday, but we should be able to take care of that for you, it will likely have to wait until the week though. Will let you know when that’s resolved.

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You’re now out of Kosher Cowboys properly, but you will need to be reinvited to Rebels so it works correctly.


Thanks a lot and a happy new year soon.

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