Fellowship name change?

Me and my friend made a fellowship that is more geared towards the fishing aspect of the game, teaching new players what baits and spots work best for the different fish in the game. Well me and friend had gotten on this morning and noticed that the name of our fellowship had been changed. I’m not surprised at this change and I’m not going to petition to get it back, it was “Master Baìters” and now it is simply “Masters.” I would like to change it to something else without having to go through the headache of coordinating my members to leave the old one and join the new one. Can I simply change the name?

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I would either wait and see if Mathieu responds here, or DM Mathieu_D here on the forums. It’ll take dev powers to do that :upside_down_face:

i wonder why it was changed

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no comment

Ok, thank you

Haha, yeah that’s why I said I’m not petitioning to get it back. I knew we were toeing the line lol.

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first off I’m sorry for your loss but usually the devs take weekends off unless its big things like server instability so it may be till monday or tuesday till it gets fixed

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Ok, thank you for the heads-up

PM me with the name you would like and I’ll get it changed for you.

Just wanted to let you know I was the first one with the Master Baiters name though it’s not really a flex

weird flex, but ok

well I saw one of the members at the gate defense the other day with the MB fellowship name, to tell you the honest truth I could not tell it was affiliated with fishing. Perhaps these will help

Ichthyology ( branch of zoology devoted to the study of fish)
Fish Story
Angler’s Society
Fly Fishers

Well, tbh the ones you listed all sound just fine (perhaps with the exception of Seamen, but hard to single that one out unless you really want to be pedantic). Master Baiters however… While in essence there isn’t anything wrong with it, it is very obvious where they were going with that name.

That said, the internet has been around for a very long time by now. And even if it is a word play, the younger players hear far “worse” several times during their daily youtube/tiktok/other browsing :wink:

My point was (for the devs) that maybe it is time to either enforce the current “rules” strictly, or be a little leniant at least as far as word plays go (with actual legitimate meanings).

that last one is just… no.
also y’all can we not be doing this word play thing please ._.
there are children who play this game with their parents and it can’t make them uncomfortable (not meant for anyone specifically).

That was actually my point. A lot of games today try to artificially shield children from foul language, yet in (most parts of the) world, they both hear and use words and phrases that would make the above seem like pebbles on a mountain.

Taking this one step further, using and experimenting with words is part of their natural development. After my original IT career, i worked with kids age 6-10 at an afterschool for 8 years. It was (of course) part of our job to moderate/educate on their use of language all the while we also knew full well that it is part of kids natural (and needed) practice with words.

Lastly, on the parents-getting-uncomfortable-while playing-with-their-children part. Well - in my personal opinion - as long as the word plays are “legitimate normal language”, it is easy to just stick to that. If the kid insists it is also something else, then that is a perfect opportunity for the parents to have a talk. If the parents are afraid of that talk, they better get used to it as the child grows unless of course they want to rely on the children learning everything by themselves or perhaps get told something by others they would rather have explained differently.

Sorry for the wall of text, but i felt it warranted some extra attention. It is 2021 now after all, not the early 1900’s :wink:


what i’m saying with the kids and parents playing together is it’s supposed to be a family friendly environment. idk about you but i don’t think i’d wanna be playing a game with my kid with people in the fellowships “Seamen” “Master Baiters” or anything like that. sure the big scary world is tough and big and bad and they’ll hear bad no no words but it’s a freaking game.

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