Fellowship of people over 40 years old


Looking for people over 40 years old to make a Fellowship and play together.
My orbusvr nick: Wendingo
My steam nick: wendingo001
Thank you.


I think there is only 2-4 ppl who play Orbus that are over 40


You would be surprised lol!


There was a whole guild once for - much - older players, the Old Man’s Guild (OMG) so yea it is most likely more :wink:


Well i guess one way to get the correct info is to post something false online. :stuck_out_tongue:


Im 83 and i use the virtual reality to stay active and keep my diabeetus in check.



What time zone are you in ?


I am from Madrid +1.


sure, and you have cocoons in the pool…


I’m over 40 and play this game