Fellowship PvP Please!

I’d like to see some kind of fellowship pvp in a future update. Random battlegrounds are fun and all but imagine a 10 vs 10 or more fellowship battle. Could even have a reward system in place where fellowships have to compete in battlegrounds as individual players and as a fellowship as well as open world pvp kills can all be on a point system where at the end of every week or month or so it all gets tallied up and the winning fellowship wins rewards as a fellowship. Could even add a trophy room and each win earns a trophy and they will add up overtime. Anyone else that would like to see PvP on bigger scale please drop what you would and wouldn’t like to see is a large scale PvP battle.


There’s really not a stable enough player base for that. That said, I’ve gotten into a MUD lately that’s got fewer active players than Orbus but still achieves a lively, opt-in world PVP system based around well-designed conflict mechanisms.

Something similar could work really well in Orbus. In this other game, the basic premise is a number of “foci” spawn around the world that you have to hunt down. When you find one, you can start extracting essence from it, but you get tagged for open PVP. Anyone can attack, but you also don’t lose any experience for dying. As you’re extracting, you gather essence for your city (here, it’d be for your fellowship), and a little residual essence you keep to cast special spells. These spells help you gather more essence, provide some nominal buffs, or help deal with special mobs that spawn on foci.

There’s plenty of lessons to take from this to apply to an Orbus system:

  • Demand exploration with frequent, hidden conflict point spawns that are only visible when close.
  • Force combat by making those hidden points more visible during an extraction. The bigger the foci or whatever, the bigger the visibility.
  • Take away the stick. Disable durability loss and item drop during these conflict events.
  • Add a carrot. Give some extra essence when killing someone tagged at a foci. Make the special essence abilities interesting enough that people want the essence even without a fellowship.
  • Let fellowships actually compete in the full scope of this great game! Don’t limit it to stale battlegrounds and arenas. There’s a great, big world, full of interesting battlefields!
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I lm loving your idea and points. It sounds kinda like the trickster goblin though, and most of us players actually like durability loss and loot drop for pvp for its extra difficulty, no one likes an easy game. I like the concept on how making it a fellowship battle or even if a solo player wanted to they could participate as well. I don’t think limiting the competition to world pvp or arena pvp would be a mistake it should be a collaboration of both along with gathering of some kind of resource or essence as you say. I don’t think one aspect is going to make a “fellowship war” worth while. A war consist of multiple battles on multiple fronts, so we should have to fight for multiple things: kills, resource gathering, maybe a Kill/Death ratio, damage done to mobs, etc. This would be a massive undertaking but would give endgame players who stay capped on content as it releases something to do in between updates and new content. I can think of 40+ players that would come back to orbus for this alone.

This is more “point control” rather than “grab the macguffin”. Also, if foci spawn and despawn constantly, so there’s always 2 or 3 hidden somewhere, there’s always something to do. Contrast that with the goblin, who spawns on a ridiculously long set timer.

Goblin also fails because the rewards are have 0 mechanical impact and last forever. No one needs to hunt the trickster, but once they do it enough, they can stop.

I agree durability and item loss are fun, but I’m proposing opening this to people who aren’t tagged for constant PVP. In other words, you could patrol with PVP off, find a node, extract it, and still be open to retaliation. This pulls in some casual folks who don’t want PVP on while they’re questing, but want to participate in fellowship competition/essence gathering. If item drop is on, though, foci would become a noob trap and a huge inconvenience.

I like the stat tracking aspect, but there should be one mechanically impactful score, resources gathered. There could be other ways to gather these resources, though, like visiting new “Wild” zones that provide a small bit of essence for each mob killed. Or a daily dungeon that could be done solo that gifts a bunch of essence. Or gather herbs/rocks from near recent conflict points, after the fighting has happened. Maybe distill essence from randomly spawned herbs at your potion making station.

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Biggest thing I’d like to see in PVP is different maps. Highsteppe as a map for battleground would be awesome. Or old Guild City.