Few problems found and suggestions

If you have a full backpack and given an item from an NPC, you do NOT receive the item but the game is assumed the item has been given. This could cause broken quest lines. For example, I had a full pack and could not receive the brass ring but once I made space I was no longer given the opportunity to get the item.

When you drop an item in your backpack, consider adding vibration feedback to know your hand is over your pack. Sometimes I drop the item directly behind me and it hits the floor.

Turn off hit detection on loot bags. It’s annoying to reach for it and your character just kicks it away by bumping into it.

I know it’s alpha so this isn’t a complaint just a comment. I play a warrior and the teleport thrust attack just isn’t satisfying. It’s not the damage i’m talking about, it’s the execution. There is no real effect or impact when making contact.

Compass does enough to get job done, but needs work. It should show your current “selected quest” and also the NPC you need to return to. Like many others I like to stack quests and tend to forget where NPC’s are to turn in my quests. i.e. “See Bart after you do this task.” All I did for 45 min is look for Bart. I also think the compass is too busy. Provide a map and let the quests appear on the compass.

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Yeah a map would be brilliant. And the suggestion for some feedback in the controller when you reach back to put things in your backpack are great ideas.

I also wouldn’t mind if the musket sounded a bit more like a gun. I mean I know it’s a magical gun… by it doesn’t sound dangerous enough to kill anything at the moment.

Still waiting to see what devs think

I’m pretty sure that there is no plan for a world map. I think Riley mentioned something like having a drawn map in you journal but I don’t know if that is correct, it’s just my memory.

Hey Charles,

We don’t usually have time to respond to every suggestions thread, since there are basically so many and we have limited time. I do read them all, though. Some of your stuff (like suggesting haptic feedback when you put your hand in the correct spot for looting) we actually already implemented, for example. We’re also aware of the problem with the NPC quest items being bugged if you have full inventory.