Finally gonna be able to play. Would love a friend to help me!

So basically I’ve missed every Alpha test so far and now I can finally get to play. But because I’ll be so new to the game I’d like to have people to help me along the way. I’d love to see an actual community being built within this game too, so it would be nice to start by making helpful friends. Respond to this If you’re interested i guess.

Be sure and read through the wiki. It covers a lot of questions you’ll have. I’ll be in to help anyone asking. So will a lot of others. The community is already in place, everyone is quick to help anyone with questions or just general leveling.

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Hey @Trey_D! Would love to play with you in game, everyone in the community is really helpful. I can’t help but notice that your backer level on the forums indicates “Founder” and not “Epic Founder”. I think you might just have beta access?