Find group menu

I feel like there should be an option to do find group looking for a group to play with and not just looking for a person to fill for the last spot. In other games it looks like either a post for LFG (looking for group) or LFM (looking for more). The LFM is more of what the system now is setup to be like as people message you to get added to a group but what would be nice is being able to post that you are looking to join something in particular and then if a group wants to invite you they can from that post.

I hope this all makes sense as I do feel like this could help people that are a bit newer to some stuff and could get them into content otherwise they wouldn’t know about. Because as of now if someone drops from a group people instinctively just go to friends list to invite but this could be an alternative to that for groups that want to help out others through in game means.


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