Finding spells hard to create

I am finding spells quit hard to make, I have shaky hands as I am getting old and the lines I make are never smooth and strait.

Now I don’t have parkinsons disease or anything but I am finding it quite difficult to to create spells. Any tips would be awesome thanks.

Playing a mage is hard, and it costs a lot of time and skill to use it to most of its potential. Especially with shaking hands. But there are tricks to improve. I could give you the following tips:

  • Proportions are very important. Luckily making a line perfectly straight isn’t.
  • Try drawing the spells in different sizes. Sometimes drawing the spell smaller really helps.
  • Try start to draw on a different location of the spell.
  • Check if you are drawing correct in the 3rd dimension. So after you drawn your spell check from the side if you made the shape as straight as possible. Making the spell curved gives you a higher change of failure. So try to really think about making the spell flat.
  • Try to practice on a single spell or a few for combat. Don’t try them all from the start.
  • The most important one is: Find your way to cast it by practicing a lot. Don’t repeat the exact same drawing if it keeps failing :slight_smile:

Hope some of this helped. gl!

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