Fire Camp Gathering Place


Since we can’t meet in the player house, I would like a place like a big fire camp where people can come and sit and sing and tell old stories of Patraeyl, of its mighty heroes and foes, from Rupert to the Scav giant including all the raid guardians.

It would be a fellowship place where you can also invite external people

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Would it be out during the day?

We can put that in a cave, like that days or night will not matter :slight_smile:

Hmmm I’d also want a small one in highsteppe cause while the big one by Marlowe is nice, it’s getting old

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Agree and also it is not private and it can be very cold in winter

i think you could probably use the tavern

What you want to do a fire camp inside the tavern ?? What about the basic security rules ? :slight_smile:

“burn it down, you’re going to go and burn it down. ALL OF IT”(maybe the devs will remember that one :wink:) or i just look crazy to everybody

i didnt mean put a fire in the tavern, i mean just if you want to communicate with other players, people should go to the tavern, it should work just as well

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Yeah I know, I was kidding, but we already do that in the tavern, but you know, it could be cool to have a fire place just to hangout or to burn the sorceresses from Highsteppe :slight_smile: :rofl: