First day back, my impressions

I’ve been gone from Orbus for a long time and thought that this Beta would be a good chance to give the game another try since I really like tanking in MMO’s. Here are the things that I noticed on day 1.

What I really liked:

  • I like the new character customization. I imagine that it will get more in depth as time goes on, but it’s a huge thumbs up from me. I did have a small issue with the pointer changing the tab on me when I was trying to grab pieces.

  • Clickable UI. I like that you now have the choice between pointing and clicking on UI items and actually using your fingers.

  • Better graphics/weather. All of it looks amazingly nice.

  • More classes. Having only 4 classes was pretty boring, and I’m glad we’re getting the chance to diverge a bit.

What could use improvement:

  • Graphics intensity. I run a Titan XP and I had to switch from Ultra settings in Orbus down to normal settings in Orbus Reborn.

  • Gesture menu. This thing is popping up all the time again. It needs to be fixed where it only opens up when the player actually flicks their wrist, and without a weapon in hand.

  • Menus. Still having an issue with clicking on items without double clicking them. Trying to move items around in my inventory was a real big pain.

  • Changing classes. This is still terrible and needs to be fixed. Switching between classes takes forever to organize in your inventory. Swapping a sword for a mask should instantly de-equip all my warrior gear (including class specifics), and should re-equip my gear that I used the last time that I played shaman.

  • Leveling. Level 2 feels just like level 1, but with new enemies. Level 11 feels just like level 10, but with new enemies. The only time that it feels like you actually leveled up is at 5,10,15,and 20 because of the talent system. This is a major reason why leveling in Orbus is just… boring.

Paladin Issues:
-Already posted to Paladin thread

Shaman Issues:

  • Thunder totem IS LOUD AS $%*!
  • Unable to unsummon totems. Once they’re on the ground, they just stick around until the timer is up. I had to take my totems and chuck them off the side of a cliff to move them away to do stuff.
  • It’s really hard to pick up loot instead of grabbing a totem or a fireball, hence having to throw totems off the cliff.

Bard Issues:

  • Song orbs are not organic. It would make sense that the songs orbs would look like the spell they’re assigned to, but instead they’re not at all. Healing is purple, damage is blue, defense is red? How does that make any sense? If the intent is that you should be able to switch between songs mid-combat, then I should be able to recognize the effect the instant that I look at the orb.
  • Casting Crescendo is the same motion as de-selecting the song. As I was attempting to play the bard, I would notice that my songs would get randomly turned off because as I was using crescendo, it would double-tap the orb. Please change it so that there are 2 different motions to do these. IMO, to change songs you should have to put away 1 baton and use your hand to activate/deactivate the orb.
  • Background music stale and bland. I got annoyed playing this class as well because the song that plays is so monotonous, and the notes were so repetitive. 1,1,1…3,3,3…2,2,2. It doesn’t need to be Mozart level hard, something that looks a bit more like Guitar Hero, paired with a non-8-bit soundtrack would make the class a LOT more fun to play.

Warrior. Oh warrior… my first class. I was disappointed that this class hasn’t been touched since last I played (except combo recast was added). Warrior has so many issues and really needs an overhaul, especially when adding a new tank that will do the job SO much better. I really can’t see anyone playing warrior anymore with paladin being such a better choice. So here’s the issues that I have with warrior:

  • Accidental shield bash STILL hasn’t been fixed. It’s only been about a year now.
  • Sword Rush still has issues with some mobs where they’ll be standing on top of or inside the player.
  • Hit detection is still way off
  • ‘Up’ swing has terrible detection. Making combos incredible difficult to do.
  • Shield breaking mechanic. This has to do with my time healing in raids. Having to choose between a tank taking spiky damage (Warrior) or one that takes constant damage (Paladin) it’s always so much easier to heal the constant damage tank.
  • Kit. Warrior just doesn’t bring anything to the table compared to Paladin. Paladin has consistent damage reduction, the ability to teleport anywhere (not just to enemies/friends), self-healing, and a buff. Warrior has a longer cooldown on taunt, longer cooldown on stun, and major issues with its combo detection system.

I’m hoping that I’ll be able to get back into the game more with the new Reborn system, and have lots of adventures.

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Just a quick note on this one, since there is really no way that it would be possible for the old game to run better than the new just in terms of sheer polygon count, draw calls, etc – most likely you are getting bitten by the bug where the framerate drops over time sometimes. If that happens again try switching like from Ultra to Low then back to Ultra, and that should fix it.

If that’s not what’s happening let me know because that might indicate there is a different issue going on, since I’m not really sure how it would be possible for the new game to run worse than the old when it’s rendering 1/2 the polygons and using 1/5 of the draw calls and textures and whatnot. The old game is really, really unoptimized art-wise…

Also, we have not done anything with any of the existing classes yet, but there is time set aside for all of them later in the dev cycle. Wanted to get the new stuff in first so I can balance and tweak it all together instead of guessing how it’s all going to fit together without all the pieces in place; several of the items you pointed out with the Warrior are already on my to do list.

Other than that, thanks for the feedback and for coming back and giving it a try!

The beta is far more FPS friendly for sure so your results seem odd. I’m running a Titan X Pascal OCed at 2.1 Ghz and I can run this on Ultra with 200%SS and am only getting 5-6% reprojection rate. You should see similar or better performance. If you are not running into the bug Reily mentioned, you may want to look at your GPU/CPU usage and see if you have a bottleneck somewhere.

not to derail the thread but, I am switching from low to ultra back to low to fix the frame rate issue. It seems to drop to 20-30 FPS from 90. Running on a 1080ti here.

I’ll give it a try as soon as I get back in game.

Another thing to note on the frame rate issues, you need to have Orbus as the active window on your desktop, otherwise your frame rate will drop, mine was going from 90 to around 30 if I used Oculus dash and then left the forums or discord open and then went back to the game without clicking back on to Orbus

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Ah, that explains it haha. Thanks

Ohhhh, interesting! I wasn’t aware it did that, I will see if we can keep that from happening.

I tried hopping on again today and I just can’t play for very long… the new classes (all 3 of them) are just so boring to play. Select your songs/totems, draw your weapon, and just cast/use everything as it comes off cooldown or becomes usable… There’s no tactics. There’s no strategy. The old classes weren’t like this. You had to make choices, plan, strategize… They were interactive.

Can also confirm that orbus needs to be your main window. Discord or anything overlapping it causes drastic FPS drops.

I can absolutely confirm this. The old game could barely run on my laptop on Medium settings. My laptop has a GTX 1070. With reborn, the game runs flawlessly on Ultra. Huge improvement to the game!!

  1. Fixed, you have to hold trigger on shield hand to activate it. Much harder to accidentally shield bash.
  2. Would honestly not even be surprised
  3. Yes and no. It needs improvement but it not that bad and is usable.
  4. Yes this sadly is the case, its just something we have to get used to
  5. This is general shield management. It is easier to heal Pally but they also take overall more damage and muskies healing is not as good as it used to be as cure wounds seems to only heal a musky 50%
  6. Yes less of a kit but one more suited for PVE needs. You also forgot the level 30 talents of warrior and level 20 talents of warrior which add things to their kit.

No, Warrior is much better in PVE for tanking. In another thread a Paladin complained that even with a healer he could not tank more than 1 round of Chaos Purity without moving when a warrior does not move nearly as often (only when poison drops would kill them). It was a joke in the higher parts of Carnage that Paladin would be really bad or unusable in tanking any boss with a tank buster.

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also warrior has hamstring, which helps so much on the sewer slime on higher levels.
as it currently stand warrior is the better tank by far. only thing paladin has over warrior is a bit more movement freedom and the ability to heal it self without touching an enemy.

Boss 1 Airship has a tankbuster. That’s the issue. Maybe I’m just misunderstanding your statement and if so please forgive the confusion

Better in keeping aggro on groups of enemies as well (several AOE aggro gens), plus ability to also heal a nearby player, and to attack and generate aggro at range.

nah, a good warrior can keep group agro just as well, maybe even better, it’s just easier with paladin.
forgot about the others tho

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Yes, this is exactly why pally would be a worse tank, tank buster is hard for pally to survive