First dungeon msq


I’m on the first dungeon quest where I need to kill the, I’m guessing the first group of the dungeon, dragon but I can’t find anyone on lol. I’m guessing everybody is waiting for the april release which i can’t blame them but I can’t get base my main story quest lol. Also, since everything is changing soon should I even bother playing till then since all the quests and what not are going to change. I plan on starting over anyways lol.


I can nip on to help, I’ll be there in a few min


Awesome thanks. Just need to log on.


It is well worth leveling your class in March, or even more than one, in the old game if you want to play those further in Reborn. Your items and character’s level will all be preserved and if you are already 20 you will have only 10 levels left to go. Also there is likely enough to do with new classes coming. By now it is not clear if there’s really enough quests provided to get all old and new classes to 30, so leveling now might save you some grinding.