First Merchant Stall has Wares for Sale

Our first Merchant stall is open for business in the town of Highsteppe. If you’re looking for that elusive Reedflute, or don’t want to farm eyeballs before you go fishing go talk to Johann (Or his NPC running the stall) and he can sell you anything you need, he may also be in the market to fill his stall with your wares if you’re looking for some extra dram in your pocket and have some to unload.

The stall is located in Highsteppe Near the Airship Dock. Look for the Brown haired NPC standing behind a wooden table.

Also keep an eye open for the rest of the stalls to fill up in Highsteppe as the rest of the Merchant Backers take up their stalls around town. Soon there will be a bustling economy around our small town of Highsteppe


Hey Robert! Great news :slight_smile:

As a merchant how will i be setting up my own stall?


I have not figured out how to sell to any of the 3 merchants I have found so far. Starting to worry about dram/repairs.
Is selling to them actually working? If so how do you do it?

You can’t sell things currently. Only buy.

Did you already talk to the person near Bishop Roma who gives you 400 free dram? If so and you run out just let me know and I can give you more.

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I have not! Thank you for the heads up. :+1:

Free dram NPC is a female NPC next to Rima on University Island near Guild City (on compass) South of Highsteppe.

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Come and spend your dram at my stall! :smiley: (the yellow one)