First Quest 2 Improvements - Update On Bottom Post

Hi everyone, we’ve been talking about enabling features and improving the graphics for Quest 2 players,
here’s the latest update.

We will be displaying other players’ mounts and toolbelt items to start with, as we’ve talked about in the last blogpost Q&A.

This won’t be the last update for Quest 2, we’re still evaluating what we are able to improve while keeping the performance solid - we will let you know when we have another update for you as we dig deeper into it.



Will these options increase the amount of data that needs to be sent/received? Because if so, might be nice to have an option to not have the extra data usage.

On a personal level, would like some improvements for players that either can’t see certain effects or can’t detect certain effects (one player mentioned water spots in the dungeon with the water buckets, but those ‘spots’ don’t show up on the Quest or Quest 2)

Will these changes also apply to the Quest 1?

No, these changes take advantage of the Quest 2’s more powerful hardware. The game is already optimized for Quest 1.

Some news on this project - we’ve been working on the Quest 2 improvements, and we ran into some issues which require us to update some of the Oculus and Unity backend things - we’re doing that, but will need to do some more thorough testing to make sure it does not cause any problems.

Next week, we’re planning on giving access to a beta branch to volunteers to test out the new improvements. We’ve received plenty of requests and now have our list. Thank you.

I’ll post here when we know which day we’re launching it as well.
Thank you for your patience and understanding.


So quick question. Will the updates include functional graphic changes, such as the waterspots in the sewers’ final boss (which apparently do not show up on the wireless Quest, but show up on other devices) or do these things not actually exist?

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Ha, the water spots exist and are a required part of that boss mechanic. They do appear on PC I believe anything above low graphics.

I would like to see an improvement in my LOS on Quest2 I know it can handle long distance with many people due to pop 1 :slight_smile:

Having to ‘Face Check’ reality to have mobs pop into existance where I’m almost in their Agro range is traumatizing…

I’m pretty sure it can handle Medium graphics too…

O , the sky popping in and out of existance can probably be fixed for quest 2 aswell.

Maybe right hands ?

We shall see.
Thanks for the hard work.

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We’re going to close up volunteers for the Quest 2 testing as we’ve received a lot of requests now, I’m catching up with messages this morning. :sweat_smile:

Will let you know when the beta will go live!


We’ve begun testing the Quest 2 improvements and gave access to the players who volunteered - we will let you all know when it looks like it will be available for everyone.

For the moment, we could actually use a few volunteers that are on Quest 1 if they would like to try the build as well, as we had to some upgrades to the engine & oculus SDK for them.

Essentially, you shouldn’t notice anything different (and would let us know if you had any new issues) and you would be able to play on live as usual. If you’re willing to help, PM me your email tied to your Oculus/Facebook account and mention it’s for the Quest 1. I’ll get you added in shortly.



So far it’s been going pretty well, so we are open to inviting another 10-20 people using Quest 2s if you are interested.

Send me a PM with your Oculus email and we can invite you to check out the build with the Quest 2 changes.