Fish Location (Including Kylakin/Jilmery), Boss Mechanics, Critter Capture, Herb Locations

I haven’t had time to mobile optimize the new pages I added to our website yet, so if you visit it please be sure to be on your computer or you’re going to be looking at a mess, and it may not even load for you on mobile. It will be a couple more days before I am able to get them mobile ready. With that said, Carnage has created a resource guide for Orbus Reborn to help out the community. We included up to date boss mechanics for every boss in Orbus Reborn, listed all of the locations of the Herb/Ore, Critter Captures, Public Events, and all of the fish in the game, even the two new fish Kylakin and Jelmiry. Orbus has been great to me and the vast majority of the people in Orbus have as well. I look forward to seeing all of you in Reborn, it has been a blast.

You can find the information on our website located here


Stop using the forums to post spoilers. The devs have mentioned you are not suppose to post spoilers in here. Not everyone wants to see this stuff.

The only problem I see with this though is that in the FAQ the devs are also not a fan of having spoilers on the official sites. But I am not the one with the end vote here with if this is a spoiler posted on the wrong place or not :man_shrugging: I do think it is though…

That’s real surprising to hear considering games like World of Warcraft have their own official strategy guides written by Brady Games. It helps the people that want the info to get going in the game and anyone who doesn’t want it can simply refrain from clicking the link. But if they don’t want it on their website then they are by all means free to remove this post.

I’ve been working on a map for the world that contains this kind of information. Would you mind if I used y’all’s data to help make it better (putting fish locations down, for instance)?

If this post is simply to share info I’m not sure why you feel the need to add your own publicity with veiled call outs


No problem, go ahead and use what you can.

I was simply saying there were some people that encouraged us to keep the info secret instead of sharing. Some of them were even good friends, I wasn’t “calling” anyone out. I was simply saying we would prefer to share the information instead of keeping it to ourselves. You read too far into the comment.

So I definitely have no problem with this existing and with it being shared among the community. We do have a general rule about not posting spoilers on the forums for the game, just to help keep things a little more “find out on your own” for new players who want that experience.

At the same time, this isn’t so much an actual spoiler as it is just a link to a resource (e.g. a link to a Wiki or something like that), so it’s kind of a grey area.

We are having a team meeting this morning so I will de-list this temporarily while we talk about it and let you know, but in the meantime sharing this via word of mouth in-game, via the community Discord, etc. is fine with me and I’m sure there are many new players who will appreciate the info.

EDIT: After discussing it, we have decided to allow this because, as I said, it is a link to an external resource, so a player can choose whether or not they want to follow it. We will still continue to encourage spoiler tags and not posting specific info on the forums though.

So it’s fine to say “Here’s a map I made of Orbus! (link to map)”. It would be encouraged to use a spoiler tag if you wanted to post “For anyone looking for the Sorceress, she’s located at this exact location” directly on the forums, if that makes sense.


This is what I have so far. I started on this a little late into Reborn so I wasn’t able to locate the major herb locations through most of the world (yet), but the events and races are there. Still missing critters and event labels as well (I have the names, just haven’t put them together yet into a list). Credit to Cody (of Dysfunctional?) who put the base design together and Carnage for the fish locations I made sense of from their site.


Also just realized I definitely will need a legend…

Edit: I will probably be keeping it up to date while I make it in the Monday Knights discord channel. Feel free to snag it from there if you have access and post wherever.


that is awesome i can’t wait for more guilds and everyone help each other


I created an interactive map here:


Although I am sure soon someone will do something better :slight_smile:

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Wasn’t the point of not having a real in-game map to force people to have to learn to locate themselves in the space? Maps that pinpoint your location kinda defeat that pretty heavily hahahh

Yeah, it is a disappointment people want to post this stuff and the devs ahve changed their view a bit. One of the things I like and found unique to Orbus is the discovery of everything and not being able to look stuff up. This kind of negates it for everyone who likes that aspect of it.

I mean yeah all to their own… you don’t HAVE to use a map like this… It is a utility that is entirely your own decision to use. The pinpointing only happens when YOU grab the compass yourself and is used as a tool for reference if you are exploring… assuming that you are already using the map then… You already revealed the spoiler for yourself no?

What is the issue with an interactive map :slight_smile: isn’t it just the same as … multiple maps on 1 page?

Also the devs have never discouraged being able to catalog and share findings and/or websites with archives… Just like the dye events back in the day.

That being said… I should add a spoiler tag on that link so thank you for reminding me.


Not trying to rag on ya. Just a slight difference IMHO between having a map but needing to know where you are on it and having a map that tells you. Like city map vs gps.

You know, many people just don’t have a sense of orientation, be it in rl or in games, even with maps they still run in circles… if I didn’t ‘learn’ that in 20, 30 or 40y then a game won’t teach me :smiley:. Some people playin the game got restrictions in play space, eye sight, net speed and what not while others don’t.

All this stuff with ‘forcing’ people, like, every player, to do this and that is pretty narrow-minded imo. Games are supposed to be fun and available for a broad range of different people. If people have fun finding things by themselves, good for them, they are free to not use resources, play dungeons naked or solo them, only level with dragon races or whatever their heart desires.
Others might use every tool and option they can to get along. The more options, inside and outside the game we have, the better to support a wider range of players.




I can make it look like you said that. Isnt that cool? :rofl:


I think that is the key point here. Someone elses way of playing the game will never be the way you decide to play it… but having optional ways of playing the game with optional tools is very important for player base growth and stickiness and helping orbus online llc keep their 4*+ review (which is pretty much the only thing I care about right now personally).

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