Fish potion attractor notification

Buffs appear on the weapon interface and you have to have weapon in hand to view, which is perfect except when fishing. With the potions lasting 20min I rather not cast certain lures unless the potion is active. Is there anyway it could maybe show when holding the fishing pole? This way we can see when it disappears and redose.


Instead of showing the timer, I think it would be better to increase the time when the buff icon starts to disappear. Potion icons only start disappearing about a minute or less before they run out, which is a) easy to miss, and b) makes it hard to estimate how long they’ll last.


A slight workaround I’ve used while fishing is to have a second shaman mask specifically for fishing. If you save load out with other classes utilities in place of the totems then the health and buff bar will just hover in front of you and is easy to see. This does leave you defenceless and so is scary for pvp players, but I’ve been mostly fine so far


True. Most of the times when I’m fishing I have my Shaman set on me, so I can always see the buff easily.
When I’m doing World Bosses hunt for rings, I don’t always see if I have my luck pot active. I still would love to see a countdown timer for potions. Not numbers (that would look awful), maybe something similar to the bombs, or…

I 2nd this. Personally I’d make it disappear since it starts.


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