Fish potion stack instantly ruined by ageing



I attempted to age a stack of 3 fish scent potions only to look later and find them ruined. Should I just age them one at a time?

Potions have overaged incorrectly

How much time elapsed from when you put them in to when you checked them? I imagine that is useful info for the devs for debugging purposes.There apparently used to be a bug regarding aging stacks of potions and it somehow may have crept back in.


well, i put them in and made 6 fishing potions, 6 ithedec potions, and one ruined potion before checking again. around the time it takes to do all that


Yeah if it was just a couple minutes, its probably a more serious bug than I was thinking. Doesn’t look like our potion master wasn’t seeing the same issue so it may have been a one off incident.


Wow, have to look tomorrow, when I am home again. Hopefully my fishing potions didnt turn over. Was some work to produce them.

Did you appear to have this issue more then once?


Hi, sorry for the issues - you’re saying in the time it took you to make the potions the first ones immediately became overaged?


This just happened to me. Went down to put in a fresh batch of fish scents, but when I put them in, one of the batches instantly over-aged.

This is odd because the earliest batch put in was yesterday at around 8 PM (PST), the second at 1:30 AM. The third batch was just moments ago.


Well documented validity, I am so sorry for your loss Elk, but I am so happy im not crazy.


Every post where I see this happen to someone I just want to comment that I never wanna touch the aging rack ever with any valuable amount of potions ever. I have this seen happen enough to people now that I am confident enough to say I will never touch the aging rack anymore!


So the way the aging rack works, it keeps track of what is in the each slot and what time you added it. That’s how it knows when to age the potion in that slot.

The only explanation I could think of for why this would happen previously is that somehow when something was removed from a slot, it didn’t clear out the data and realize something had been removed. So then when you added something else into the slot it was still keeping track of the old time and that was causing it to overage. I’m not sure why it would do that, and obviously it wasn’t happening very often, but that was the only possible explanation I could think of.

So when this was last reported, I added additional code that double-checks to make sure that when it’s going to age something, the exact item number and stack number matches what it was when the aging process started to prevent that. And then as far as I know we haven’t had it happen to anyone since.

The only reason I bring that up is I’m noticing in your screenshot you have all the same type of potions aging, and some of them have very similar stack numbers. So I guess if you could give me more info on what you’ve been doing in terms of aging in the past week that might give more insight on what happened.

EDIT: Also, I think if I’m reading your post correctly, previously when this had happened it was a fresh batch that was added and then like a minute later over-aged. It sounds like you’re saying you added a new batch but then one that had previously already been there for some time over-aged?


I’ve had the exact opposite issue with fish potions. My first batch where in there near 10 days and didn’t age. I then removed them, made the stack larger and it took 9 days before they aged.


Okay so I think I have tracked down the problem on this. I looked at our backup from 8 hours ago (a little before you posted), and I see that you have 3-4 slots of your aging station that it looks like haven’t been used in quite a while (like, 5 months ago or something). So basically due to how “old” those slots were, it wasn’t using the new code and was instead taking on the time of those old slots when you started aging that potion batch (and that’s one of the slots you used this time).

I have made a change so that basically this shouldn’t happen anymore, if it that old of a slot with the “previous style” of data it will just reset it. So I guess if someone is aging a potion on their account right now that has been aging for like 3 months+ it may actually not be over-aged when they login next time, but at least it should prevent this from happening again.

Mathieu is running through some tests on this now on Dev just to make sure he can’t break it, but assuming that works then hopefully this is resolved. I apologize for anyone who had a potion ruined by this in the past, I know that is frustrating.

I don’t think this is necessarily the same thing that was affecting previous reports of this because it would have to be a very specific set of steps to reproduce (use a potion aging station slot a long time ago, not use it for 5 months, then use it again now), but between this fix and the last fix I put in after the previous reports, I think hopefully this should be totally resolved now.


I made 20 critical strike potions, then placed them to age. The next day, I created 50 critical strike potions and placed them to age as well. I checked today (the day before my 20 were supposed to have aged) and the 50 potions are now overaged.

Those 50 potions represent a HUGE loss of my time, and I’m not happy about this.


When did you originally place the 50 potions to age? And when did you notice they over-aged?


I placed the 20 crit potions, along with some vitality potions to age last Saturday around 2:42pm EST (I set a reminder for me to check them). I placed the set of 50 the next day sometime. I did not check on them until yesterday night, when the stack of 50 was overaged.


Okay, so this is the exact same bug that bit Elk. You put the potions into a slot that you hadn’t used since January. These potions actually overaged pretty much right away, but as you said you didn’t check on them until last night so you just didn’t know that.

So, basically, this bug is actually already fixed, but unfortunately you just happened to run into it before the fix was in place, which is very unfortunate and I apologize for that.


Why is over aging even in the game? Especially with all the bugs. Even without any bugs how is this adding to the player experience?


Bugs aside, the concept adds a very interesting dynamic to the game where you need to discover the correct amount of time. If you are going to get reward there should be some risk. However, like I said - bugs aside. Losing the time invested is rough if its due to a bug.

(Basically it adds depth, which is a great thing for player experience)


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